Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have been sorting through some old pictures on my computer, and I just sit there getting teary eyed thinking about how amazing it has been to watch Jack grow.  To watch Matt become a Daddy.  To feel myself become a mother. 
This is almost one year ago now.  I remember thinking he looked so big in his corduroy overalls that day!   I used to silently scoff when people would say 'enjoy it, it goes so fast' and think clearly you do not remember getting up 6 times a night.  This is not going fast.  But now I find myself waxing nostalgically about the speed that life has taken.

I cringe as I hear myself say 'it just goes so fast' but you know what?  It does. 

It really does.


  1. It's the ultimate overstatement, but it's the truth. It does go by so quickly, and it's so amazing to look back and see how much they grow. *sniff*

  2. I told you so!!! And Yes, I never forgot my son never sleeping, staying up all night, ugh...those were rough times for sure, but in a blink of an eye, Jack will start school, then another blink, graduate and off to college. Enjoy each and every will wonder what happened when he is all grown up!!

  3. I'm shocked at how quickly the time is going by. I look at Ivy's newborn photos and wish she was that little again but at the same time I love how much she has changed already. Totally understand!

  4. My youngest, my baby, turns 9 on Monday. When I put this laptop down, my screen saver will come on and it is filled with photos of my boys, many of which were taken on their birthdays, so throughout the day today, I've seen these photos and have been counting the candles on the various cakes in them, then staring at the changing faces of my babies...and I'll be honest, today (and to be honest, more so lately then ever before), it is hurting my heart so very much to see and know how much older they're becoming. I relish the people they are NOW, but I miss the people they were THEN, too. So very, very much. It IS too fast!

  5. I love that little man and it is so amazing and hard to watch time go by so fast!!


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