Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playroom Sneak Peek

When we moved into our new house, we were excited to have a spare bedroom so that guests could stay overnight instead of driving home ( Matts family lives a few hours away so we thought this would be used frequently), but to our surprise it was only used once in six months.  So basically, it was wasted space, it was pretty, but wasted.  Meanwhile, our living room was beginning to be overwhelmed by toys, despite our best efforts to keep the toys under control.  Shortly before Christmas, we decided that it was silly to continue stepping around all the toys simply to open the blinds. 

So, we took action.  We cleared out the guest room, and are slowly turning it into a fun space for Jack to play, and we are probably going to make the closet of the room into a little office type space for us to keep our computer and such out of the way. 

Because I liked the way Jack's nursery is simple, but fun, and because you all know I love a good theme, I decided I would paint some canvasses for this room as well.  Instead of Dr. Seuss again, we decided to pay homage to the insanity that the room sees with a loose circus theme.  Here is a little sneak peek of one of the paintings, and the flag border thingie that I slapped together with Jack's old curtains and some glue (classy eh?). isn't quite done yet.  But I am at a standstill, because I cannot make up my mind.  Go figure huh? 

I have three out of four paintings finished, and while I am by no means an artist of any kind, they turned out pretty good.  But that fourth painting...I just can't figure out what to do!

I think I would like to paint either a cartoonish lion, or a seal, but agh! The decision is killing me! (Okay, it's not that dramatic, but you know what I mean!)   I asked on my facebook page, and the votes were overwhelming in one direction, but I would still like a little more I am appealing to you, my friends. 

Help a sister out.  Seal or lion?  Lion or seal?  Or, as my cousin suggested, sea lion - best of both worlds!

(Okay..I tried to put a poll here, but it changed the color of my entire site, so we are doing this old-school and you will have to weigh in in the comment section!)


  1. I think Jack should be peeking out ...I could just see him with his little smile!

  2. I vote seal! Would you put the ball on its nose and stuff? I think that would be real cute! :) Smash

  3. Yeah, I was thinking it would be balancing a ball on its nose! You guys need to come over soon!

  4. I like your cousin's idea, sea lion! LOL

    Or maybe just a lion?

    Or, hmmm, a seal is cute, too.

    Geez, this IS a tough decision. GOOD LUCK! LOL

  5. Seal! Balancing a ball on his nose. It would match the colors so well.

  6. See and me, I just go to "which one is easier to do?". I like the idea of both though, so I'm no help.

  7. How about we just change it all up and you can do a portrait of Auntie Em????

  8. haha i dont paint people! It would just be insultingly bad!

  9. Hmm... that is a tough call. But my vote would be for a lion. They're fuzzy and cute and all that jazz :0)

  10. I love the idea of a seal (one of my favorite animals)... but a lion could be more recognizable to Jack. Either way I'm sure it will look cute as ever. :)


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