Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Day

Jack and I are suffering from a mild case of Cabin Fever, but lucky for us, overnight the world was blanketed with snow.  So, after lunch, we bundled up in our boots and hats, and we hit the great outdoors to admire the wonder of white. 

At first, he was very unsure.  He wasn't upset, but he wasn't excited either. 
But before long, I saw a familiar expression begin to creep over his face.  First his little lip tucks under, and before you know it...
He smiles!  He couldn't really do much other than stand there, and when I put some snow in his mitten he just kind of stared at it, and smiled at the wonder of winter.
Not to mention his mittens are HUGE, but I figured it was better than socks on his hands (which we have totally done in the past).
 I hope you can all take a moment today to appreciate the beauty of the world we live's a pretty incredible place when you stop and look around.


  1. Beatrice loves the snow too! Glad he likes it!!

  2. Looks like we had a very similar day!! Emerson enjoyed the snow a lot more this year! He kept saying, 'Mom, FUN!'

  3. THAT is NOT your baby!!OMG I have been missing out! He is adorable, and I love his little paddinton bear jacket!!

  4. Wow...that baby has grown up right before our eyes....he is so cute, just adorable.

  5. Oh, Great Fun!! Jack looks too adorable as usual! xoxo, Oukie

  6. Aww looks like he had some fun.

    I've yet to take B out in the snow... ahh such a bad mommy seeing as how we live in Michigan and it's been on the ground for EVER.

  7. So cute!
    I'm following from the blog hop.
    I'd love a follow back at

  8. So adorable! I wish it would snow here.

  9. I love the name Jack, and I love Jack's hat!

    He seems to enjoy the snow.


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