Friday, January 28, 2011


I had a bunch of pictures to upload for this post, but I can't find my card reader, so we will just go the informal route.

- Yesterday was my mom's birthday, she had the day off and she, my sister, the boys, and I had big plans to go to the Aquarium.  Unfortunately the aquarium was closed due to snow.  Dratted ol' snow! We still had a great day of laughing, thrifting, and chatting.

- Jack came down with a little cold, which unfortunately has progressed into Croup.  Again.  As of yet he is doing pretty well, with no Yay! No oral steroids!

- Our recycling bin got snowplowed into a pile about 6 feet deep.  We will have to store all our recyclables 'til spring.  

- As of yesterday I officially started writing for, a cool website with different regions all over the country, so you can find the one nearest you for local info from moms!  If you would like to go directly my blog over there, you can clink on the button link in the left sidebar!

- Don't quote me on this one, but we have plans to do a closet/office makeover this weekend. There is an unused closet in the playroom, granted, it is a small closet, but we have been just using to store boxes of outgrown baby clothes, while the computer resides under the couch...which seems silly.  It will be nice to have a little shut off space to keep all that stuff out of the reach of little fingers.  Something like this one from Country Living...
..only a little less amazing because, let's be honest, I'm basically working with tacky glue and a thumb tack.


  1. I expect the closet to look 100x better than this! will be awesome!

  2. That's my favorite inspiration for my craft closet too!

  3. That closet looks amazing. AH MAY ZING. I could never ever pull it off, lol!

  4. Love the closet office idea, do share when complete!

  5. this is such a good idea and one day I will be doing this!

  6. I love the tidbit title...I think I will do one of those every tidbit Firday or something?? I always have lots of odds and ends that I think who cares? but I do LOVE to read everyone's the the wallpaper in the background...kind of makes it! Congrats on the official writing for go are young and to network like that is the way of the future...

  7. I love the closet idea, I wish i could do this but I live in an older home with no closests : / I can't wait to see it when it's done! I hope your little man feels better, it's the worse when they are sick : (

  8. Love that room! So dreamy!
    I just stopped by from 20sb, I'm glad I did!


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