Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Smile

 Saying his prayers before dinner.
The fat, clenched fingers break my heart every time.

Have a great weekend you guys! Stay warm, unless you are some of the lucky few that don't have to dress like a mummy to go outside right now!


  1. Jack melts my heart every time! But this is beyond sweet! Hug that sweet boy for me!

  2. Precious! Mealtime prayers w/ kids are my favorite. We have to say them like five times before we can eat around here. :P

  3. I'm jealous that he has a meal that doesn't consist of cheese, toast, and blueberries.

  4. So dear! I love those chubby hands! I'll have Emerson teach him to say, "ALL DONE"!

  5. How adorable! I don't understand mominess yet but those little moments have to be so precious to you!

  6. Just a combination of everything..the hair, the eyebrows, the cupid lips, the brown eyes and the chubby fingers...makes me smile everytime..


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