Monday, February 28, 2011

The Deets

Thank you all for your congratulations! It's nice to know so many people are excited along with us! So...I guess you want some details huh? Let's start at the beginning shall we?

I knew there was a very good chance that I was pregnant in January.  So...on January 31st, I took a test.  It was negative.  I was extremely disappointed, but God's timing is not my timing, you know?  I didn't tell Matt that I even took a test, I just continued with the daily business of life.  By Friday, Feb. 4, my period still hadn't shown up, so I picked up some more pregnancy tests at the store on my weekly grocery trip and took one as soon as I got home.

Almost immediately, nothing showed up.  No lines.  Not even a control at first, then the control faintly showed up.  I assumed this was the answer for us this month, and although I was sad, I picked up Jack, hugged him and said 'When God is ready, you will be a big brother'.

I put him down, picked up the test to throw it away...and saw two lines.  I freaked out, and immediately took two more know...just to be sure and all!

Sure enough, there were all of the lines...clear as day.

Our newest addition is due around October 12th, which will put Jack and this one almost exactly two years apart.  I am right around 8 weeks along at this point, and boy oh boy is the morning sickness coming on strong!  It is still not as bad as it was with Jack, but it's still pretty gross.  We decided to announce this pregnancy earlier than modern convention suggests, simply because we (I) needed to acknowledge this little life in a big way.

I am looking forward to chronicling this pregnancy here, and traveling on this journey with all of you.  I know from past experience what an incredible support system I have found here online, so without further is out first pregnancy picture with #2! (A before picture...if you will)

I am so excited! (And if you remember my belly pictures with Jack, they were almost all cropped at the head...I'll try not to do that this time, but if my face swells like last time...well...we will see!)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Real Time

4:08 PM, Wednesday, February 23, 2011.  The sunlight is streaming through the blinds, the dog is happily sleeping in his patch of light, and my boys?  Well...they slumber peacefully on the couch. 
Daddy has become Jack's napping partner lately.  I am still the only person that can put him to bed at night, but when it comes to naptime?
Daddy is his man.

I like this simple, beautiful, late February day.  I like it a lot.  I hope you do too.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Startin' Him Early

It's never too early to cultivate an appreciation for the arts...for that reason, Matt and I have decided to enroll Jack in music lessons.  We're raisin' a prodigy over here people! Because he is only fifteen months old, we decided to go with an instrument he can handle.  We went back and forth between a few different ideas, but finally settled on this one...
An upright bass.  We figure he will just have to play it like this for a few years or so.
Sure he might get a few callouses on his fingertips from those huge strings, but as the old saying goes...'No pain no gain kid!'.
How does he feel about this new undertaking??
He is totally stoked.  Lessons start tomorrow.

(And before I get accused of being a tiger mom, I am totally kidding, that is Matt's newest addition to his musical collection)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Boy

This picture breaks my heart.
 When did he get so darned big? He is growing so fast, and while I wouldn't have it any other way, it still blows my mind that I have a toddler.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Mission

Our mission yesterday was to spread some love.  To give some smiles.  To bring some laughter. get the point.  He got dressed up in his black cords, his, black velcro dress shoes, his red pin-striped shirt, and away we went! First we hit up the grocery store, where Jack selected some flowers for his ladies.

 Carnations are serious business, don't you know? Once he had picked out the perfect flowers, we set off on our mission.  First stop...
...Meme's office! He kind of froze as soon as he saw all the ladies in the office begin to coo at him walking through the door with a handful of flowers, but he lit up again when he saw his Meme.
After smooching on his grandmother for a few minutes, he set off on stage two of his Love Mission.
Surprise Daddy with his favorite sandwich at work!  Daddy loved it (even though one of his students called Jack a girl AGAIN!)
Stage three is, unfortunately, not documented on camera because I forgot to take pictures, but we also stopped at my Nanna's house to surprise her with some flowers. She was delighted, and said she hadn't gotten a Valentine in years. 

It was a ton of fun to take him around and see all the smiles that he brought, not just to his intended targets, but also to the people at the grocery store, the women at my moms office, and the secretaries at Matt's school. 

Mission Complete! Happy (day after) Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

It's been a while since Matt was the star of a blog post, so I thought I would share a cute 'Matt and Bekah' story with you on this romantic day.
 It was our wedding day.  My brother walked me down the aisle as I clutched my bouquet of red daisies. I nervously smiled at my soon-to-be husband in his navy suit with a red daisy boutonniere, he looked so sweet and handsome, standing up there at the altar. 

I finally made it to the end of the long aisle, and took his hand in front of all our friends and family.  He smiled at me, leaned over, and whispered...

"I am SO sweaty."

That will always be one of my favorite moments of our wedding day.

I love that sweaty man!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mr. Yuck

When I was little my mom had put one of those bright green Mr. Yuck stickers on the telephone receiver just in case, I am assuming, one of us ever ingested a strange or foreign substance.  I thought about that sticker a lot yesterday. 

Why you ask?  Oh, well, you know...Jack did things yesterday.  Bad things.  Things that required not one, but TWO calls to poison control. (Whose number, should you need it, is 1-800-222-1222).  The day ended with me feeling like a truly inadequate mother in every sense of the word.

The first thing was accidental.  He likes to be everywhere that I am, always underfoot.  I was doing laundry, and as I opened the liquid detergent, some of the dried soap around the rim flaked off.  I thought very little of it until Jack started screaming and rubbing his eye.  He must have been looking up to see what I was doing, and little flake of soap must have fallen in his eye.  I rushed him to the sink and started pouring water over his eye, which made him good and angry, but seemed to help.  I immediately called the pediatrician, who transferred me to poison control, who told me basically to do what I had done, but do it a little longer. 

After that scare, I decided that our house needed to be super baby-proofed.  I mean, it IS baby proof, but you know, things get left on the floor, or fall out of pockets and purses.  I started in the kitchen, made my way into the living room, and was cleaning under the couch cushions when I heard Jack gagging behind me and saying 'yuck'. 

He was eating the compressed powder from a Maybelline compact.  Sigh.  Again with the flushing with water, this time in his mouth.  I cleaned it out the best that I could and called my mom in tears.  She called poison control for me this time, because I was afraid that they would notice the same phone number twice and get suspicious. 

Luckily, the make-up was non-toxic, and he was totally fine from both incidents, but I gotta tell you, I am not sure that I am. 

Did I mention this was all before noon? 

Lessons learned? 
1. Toddlers are curious, and will get into EVERYTHING.  Then, they will probably eat it.
2. I shouldn't do laundry.
3. I shouldn't bother doing my make-up. 

Lessons 2 and 3 might be self-serving.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Never Fails

It never fails that when we get Emerson and Jack together for a sweet smiling picture like this...
It turns into something like this...
Boys! Clearly 'naptime' was a bust!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Parenting and Community

On Saturday afternoon we took Jack out for lunch, and as we sat down in a nearly empty section of the restaurant, I sighed a little sigh of relief.  It's not that I don't like people or anything, but sometimes when we go about I worry that people don't necessarily want to sit adjacent to a babbling toddler that may or may not have just lobbed a pea across the dining room. 

Shortly after we settled in, the hostess sat an elderly couple near us.  They sat there quietly talking while we ordered our food and tried to entertain Jack with some crayons and a piece of paper.  Soon enough Jack was talking loudly and dancing in his high chair.  I saw the older couple look over at us, then the woman winked at Jack, and waved over at him. 

He lit up, and waved back, while talking all about his 'num-nums', and the man leaned back in his chair and told us how much seeing Jack reminded him of his early days of parenting.  They continued interacting with Jack off and on throughout the meal, and when they left, they came over for high fives from the little guy. 

As I watched them walk out to their car, arm in arm, I thought about how amazing it is that a child can bring people to interact despite all the barriers that society puts up.  I love that there is a sense of community in parenting, in all it's stages.  I love that I can look across the aisle at the grocery store to see the mom with a squawking newborn, and exchange smiles of 'oh sweetie, I've so been there!'.  I love that my dental hygienist gives me potty training tips even though her three boys are all out of high school by this point.  I love seeing the way pregnant women look at Jack, you can almost see them dreaming about what their little one will be like.

I have been continually amazed at the community that I have found over the past fifteen months, both in real life and here online.  It's amazing how much we all have in common when we stop looking at what we don't have in common. 
This picture is unrelated, but I like it!
I say this a lot, I know, but being a parent is so much more than I thought it could be.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Office Progress

So, as you may recall, I let you in on the knowledge that we were planning to try a scaled down version of an office/closet makeover.  Despite Jack getting sick, we have made a lot of progress.  I was going to wait until it was completely finished to do a big reveal, but let's be honest...I wanted your input.  So...make sure you read to the questions at the bottom to help a girl out!

Here is what we started with... I said, a small closet, but it wasn't being used for anything that couldn't be relegated to the basement.

Saturday we hit up Lowes to pick up a few supplies. Jack found this to be a fun time, and held this little stick/board thingie for the whole trip.
Could Daddy have had a cuter assistant?  I think not.  After a few more stops to pick out paint and fabric, we headed home to get to work.

Matt took over all the measuring and cutting because, well, I can admit that those areas are NOT where my strengths lie.  Jack was completely enthralled by all of Daddy's hard work, and insisted on being in the thick of the action anytime Matt was in the playroom.
Oh...and he offered his drill...
After we had the 'desk' part of the room set up, it was pretty much just figuring out where I wanted to go from there.  I had bought a yard and a half of a fun print that I really loved, and wanted to make an impact without wallpaper or paint (landlords frown on those type things 'round here), so I pinned it on the wall.  I told you I was working with thumb tacks! You thought I was kidding didn't you?
I wish I was able to get a full picture of the closet, but seriously, the playroom is NOT large, I can't even get far enough away to fit it all in my viewfinder.  Ah well.

I scrounged around the house and pulled together unused items that I thought would look good in there, and be somewhat functional.
The coat hanger with the tins might be one of my favorite parts of this little makeover! The tins lined the aisle at our wedding, and I found the coat hanger.   As in...stumbled on to it, and picked it up.  For free. 

The blue incoming/outgoing boxes were the color inspiration for the room, we have issues organizing our mail, and this is so far what we have found to work for us. 

So, now, on to where I would like your help.  Do you see the random lampstand in the room above? Well, I originally thought I would pick up a cute little shade for it, but now I am thinking not?  Maybe I will get those weird little touch lights for the wall to save some space?

Also, I am toying with the idea of painting beige-ish strips on the top of the desk area.  Just for a little visual interest (but then again, that fabric is pretty loud,

So my friends, your input is welcome, I happen to know there are some of you out there with AMAZING houses, and would love your help.  Unless you hate it...then know...shush.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wanna See Something Pathetic?

As I mentioned briefly a few posts ago, Jack recently came down with a cold.  His cold then progressed into Croup (which is basically when their vocal cords swell around their airway), but by Friday, the croup seemed to be on it's way out.  Little did we know, a stomach bug was on it's way in, accompanied by lots of vomiting for the poor little guy. 

Now...I had never seen Jack throw up before, and wow...that's heartbreaking.  But anyway, his belly seemed to be feeling better by Monday, but then he started pulling at his ears.

So I scheduled a visit to the pediatrician, and sure enough, another double ear infection bringing the grand total for January to three infections.  Poor dude. 

But anyway...enough of the back story and on to the heartbreaking picture right?

Because of his cough...this is how Jack had to wait in the waiting room. 
Yes, that is a mask.
All I could think of was the news footage of the SARS outbreak in China when I was in high school.

Breaks a momma's heart I tell ya!

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