Monday, February 28, 2011

The Deets

Thank you all for your congratulations! It's nice to know so many people are excited along with us! So...I guess you want some details huh? Let's start at the beginning shall we?

I knew there was a very good chance that I was pregnant in January.  So...on January 31st, I took a test.  It was negative.  I was extremely disappointed, but God's timing is not my timing, you know?  I didn't tell Matt that I even took a test, I just continued with the daily business of life.  By Friday, Feb. 4, my period still hadn't shown up, so I picked up some more pregnancy tests at the store on my weekly grocery trip and took one as soon as I got home.

Almost immediately, nothing showed up.  No lines.  Not even a control at first, then the control faintly showed up.  I assumed this was the answer for us this month, and although I was sad, I picked up Jack, hugged him and said 'When God is ready, you will be a big brother'.

I put him down, picked up the test to throw it away...and saw two lines.  I freaked out, and immediately took two more know...just to be sure and all!

Sure enough, there were all of the lines...clear as day.

Our newest addition is due around October 12th, which will put Jack and this one almost exactly two years apart.  I am right around 8 weeks along at this point, and boy oh boy is the morning sickness coming on strong!  It is still not as bad as it was with Jack, but it's still pretty gross.  We decided to announce this pregnancy earlier than modern convention suggests, simply because we (I) needed to acknowledge this little life in a big way.

I am looking forward to chronicling this pregnancy here, and traveling on this journey with all of you.  I know from past experience what an incredible support system I have found here online, so without further is out first pregnancy picture with #2! (A before picture...if you will)

I am so excited! (And if you remember my belly pictures with Jack, they were almost all cropped at the head...I'll try not to do that this time, but if my face swells like last time...well...we will see!)


  1. You look so happy! and I am so happpy for you!

  2. I am so excited for you guys!! What a cute Picture....keep them coming...

  3. As always, you look beautiful! I am excited for you and can't wait to share the journey! Good luck and God bless!

  4. I'm about two weeks ahead of you with #2. Such an exciting adventure to be on! Congrats again :)

  5. you are so gorgeous sister! And look at the tummy, presh!

    rub my niece or nephew for me!

  6. Cute, cute, cute. But I see abs and that's not fair. ;)

  7. Love to hear it! My brother's bday is 10.12. :) I had to laugh, because after viewing your beautiful picture, next up in my google reader was my 22 week picture. Far cry from your abs lol.

  8. I think it's so cool you're on the same timeline I was with my first and second! Just weeks apart, now if it's a girl we'll just be carbon copies. ;) You look awesome, and I can't wait to follow along with you!

  9. ((Congratulations!))

    What a blessing...!

    I hope you're feeling much better, real soon, too!

    And now...I have to catch up with all that's been going on...!

    Lots of Love,
    Ms. A

  10. So excited for you!! I crop my head off, and I guess I shouldn't. But I hate pics of myself... Lol!

  11. You look great! Congratulations, and I'll be praying for all 4 of you :)

  12. MY PRECIOUS BABAUCK, you look too adorable!! Love you girl, Oukie

  13. Ok, first of all can I just say how stinkin' cute you are!? Because you are - Mama!
    Second of all - CONGRATULATIONS again! I can't wait to follow along with your blog, so happy for you!

  14. so blessed to grow "with you" this time :)


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