Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Mission

Our mission yesterday was to spread some love.  To give some smiles.  To bring some laughter.  To...you get the point.  He got dressed up in his black cords, his, black velcro dress shoes, his red pin-striped shirt, and away we went! First we hit up the grocery store, where Jack selected some flowers for his ladies.

 Carnations are serious business, don't you know? Once he had picked out the perfect flowers, we set off on our mission.  First stop...
...Meme's office! He kind of froze as soon as he saw all the ladies in the office begin to coo at him walking through the door with a handful of flowers, but he lit up again when he saw his Meme.
After smooching on his grandmother for a few minutes, he set off on stage two of his Love Mission.
Surprise Daddy with his favorite sandwich at work!  Daddy loved it (even though one of his students called Jack a girl AGAIN!)
Stage three is, unfortunately, not documented on camera because I forgot to take pictures, but we also stopped at my Nanna's house to surprise her with some flowers. She was delighted, and said she hadn't gotten a Valentine in years. 

It was a ton of fun to take him around and see all the smiles that he brought, not just to his intended targets, but also to the people at the grocery store, the women at my moms office, and the secretaries at Matt's school. 

Mission Complete! Happy (day after) Valentine's Day!


  1. omg, that's so cute! Next year i'm taking off and doing the same thing!

  2. What a great way to spread some joy to those around you! Excellent idea - kind of like delivering May Day baskets :-) You are sweet - and so is that little pumpkin of yours - getting so big!

  3. So cute!!

    I love that Jack looks a bit jealous of the sandwich.

    Also, Matt's desk is looking like it could use some feminine touches!

  4. Agreed! His desk is MESS! Even I dont know how he works like that! And you know how 'organized' I am!

  5. Awww, what a great little thing! That is just so sweet!

  6. Bekah, you gave all 3 of them the most wonderful valentine that you could, Jack walking in the door!!!!! Very thoughtful of you! xoxo, Oukie

  7. What a great idea! Jack is so cute, I bet everyone loved his sweet little gifts!!

  8. What an adorable valentine he was!! Love it!!


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