Friday, February 11, 2011

Mr. Yuck

When I was little my mom had put one of those bright green Mr. Yuck stickers on the telephone receiver just in case, I am assuming, one of us ever ingested a strange or foreign substance.  I thought about that sticker a lot yesterday. 

Why you ask?  Oh, well, you know...Jack did things yesterday.  Bad things.  Things that required not one, but TWO calls to poison control. (Whose number, should you need it, is 1-800-222-1222).  The day ended with me feeling like a truly inadequate mother in every sense of the word.

The first thing was accidental.  He likes to be everywhere that I am, always underfoot.  I was doing laundry, and as I opened the liquid detergent, some of the dried soap around the rim flaked off.  I thought very little of it until Jack started screaming and rubbing his eye.  He must have been looking up to see what I was doing, and little flake of soap must have fallen in his eye.  I rushed him to the sink and started pouring water over his eye, which made him good and angry, but seemed to help.  I immediately called the pediatrician, who transferred me to poison control, who told me basically to do what I had done, but do it a little longer. 

After that scare, I decided that our house needed to be super baby-proofed.  I mean, it IS baby proof, but you know, things get left on the floor, or fall out of pockets and purses.  I started in the kitchen, made my way into the living room, and was cleaning under the couch cushions when I heard Jack gagging behind me and saying 'yuck'. 

He was eating the compressed powder from a Maybelline compact.  Sigh.  Again with the flushing with water, this time in his mouth.  I cleaned it out the best that I could and called my mom in tears.  She called poison control for me this time, because I was afraid that they would notice the same phone number twice and get suspicious. 

Luckily, the make-up was non-toxic, and he was totally fine from both incidents, but I gotta tell you, I am not sure that I am. 

Did I mention this was all before noon? 

Lessons learned? 
1. Toddlers are curious, and will get into EVERYTHING.  Then, they will probably eat it.
2. I shouldn't do laundry.
3. I shouldn't bother doing my make-up. 

Lessons 2 and 3 might be self-serving.


  1. Ugh, poor Jack (and, poor you!).

  2. I completely and utterly understand where you are coming from!!! OH MY GOSH! I was unloading the dishwasher a few days ago and my daughter teetered over, found some left over Cascade in the dishwasher, and helped herself to it! I freaked out!!! Called my husband and he was so calm and not even concerned!
    Ah to be a mommy!
    Take care dear! :-)

  3. O what a day! Don't take it personal, though ... when I was about six my mom had to take me to the ER twice one week ... should have been three. She thought for sure they would call CPS so the third incident was treated at home.

    Not her fault ... i was curious and I was klutsy! I was in a box in the basement, playing like kids do. Bam, tipped over and cracked open my chin. Three stitches.

    A couple of days later I was at my grandma's at the lake and we made our own slip and slide ... rode down it with the hose pumping water into the lake ... only we had to ride over rocks at the shoreline. But to be safe, we used a tube ... my tube flew out from under me as I hit the rocks. Ripped my knee wide opened. Back to the ER ...

    Then, I was riding my bike down our dirt driveway and as I went down the hill (in the country) riding solo without training wheels, down I went. Cut my other knee wide open. No ER this time ... lots of gauze and bandaids. She didn't take me to have the stitches removed by the doctor ... she did them herself. They would have really questioned her had she brought me in with a third gauge!!

    Sometimes life happens. Sometimes it happens all at once. :0)

  4. Oh dear! You poor thing, it is so nerve wracking when they get into stuff. I just got through scrubbing permanent marker off of my son's face. Good times were not had by all. Hang in there, Mama! I'm all for not doing laundry, until I run out of clean panties. That's no beuno.

  5. little monster! This was a very funny post.

  6. Must be the day for that sort of thing, Cassie knocked some deodorant off the counter when brushing her teeth this morning, she then got the top off of it and took a bite...scared the begeezus out of me (and her too I think...).

  7. I had to laugh bekah!!! I take it you have never watched "my strange addiction" They eat everything but the kitchen sink. One lady is addicted to eating dry laundry soap...and has for years...I kid you not!

    But on a serious least Jack thought it was yuck!

    If that is all you have to do is call twice to Poison control....well, that is good!

    Your post always bring me back to when my son was little. Once, when he was about three or four, he fell out of bed in the middle of the night and hit the nightstand. I had to fly to the emergency room thinking the whole ride there they would think I wacked this kid in the head....they knew what happened and asked if he fell out of bed as I rushed him inside all white faced! That was about 4 stitches to the eyebrow~ and did I mention that was around 3 or 4????? Just so you know what to look forward to!

  8. Sorry but I had to foul. Just makes you a little more aware of what could happen...little ones are worse than puppies..if they can find is going in their mouths!

  9. Oh, I guess I should stop giggling at the comment about your calling twice, I mean I know that it's terrible. But you tell it so well.

    Poor Jack, and poor you.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. Oh Bekah, what a day! Having your Mom call, I loved that part. You're doing great dear one, don't worry! xoxo, Oukie

  11. Bless you heart! Those babies are sure good at making us feel inadequate! I caught Q with a Sharpie the other day, I don't even know where he found it! But he had the cap off, and was just about to lick it. *Sigh* I don't think a body can ever be 100% baby proof, they always seem to find things that you have no idea where they found it!

  12. Printing and sticking on my phone NOW. Geez Louise.

    Glad your Jack is ok!

  13. You poor thing! *Knock on wood* but whenever Braxtyn finds something- ANYTHING on the floor, he picks it up and gives it to me. Not sure where he learned that from, but I'm sure glad he doesn't stick it in his mouth.


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