Monday, February 21, 2011

Startin' Him Early

It's never too early to cultivate an appreciation for the arts...for that reason, Matt and I have decided to enroll Jack in music lessons.  We're raisin' a prodigy over here people! Because he is only fifteen months old, we decided to go with an instrument he can handle.  We went back and forth between a few different ideas, but finally settled on this one...
An upright bass.  We figure he will just have to play it like this for a few years or so.
Sure he might get a few callouses on his fingertips from those huge strings, but as the old saying goes...'No pain no gain kid!'.
How does he feel about this new undertaking??
He is totally stoked.  Lessons start tomorrow.

(And before I get accused of being a tiger mom, I am totally kidding, that is Matt's newest addition to his musical collection)


  1. Oh first I was like, she didn't tell me he was gonna do music lessons and then DUH!

  2. Lol! Adorable! He may just follow in daddies footsteps down the road, tho!

  3. These pictures are SO CUTE!!! I was amazed and a little confused at first and then realized that wasn't actually HIS instrument! LOL :-)
    Have I told you how totally cute he is!?
    P.S. Any ideas for decorating for St.Patrick's Day???

  4. Haha, too cute! Kiss "his sweetness" for me! xoxo, Oukie

  5. maybe he and anna can start a jazz fusion duo? what lens are you using? i love it :)

  6. oops....that last post was me, BETH - not Chris - I may be in trouble!!!!

  7. Any way you can introduce Jack to music is a good thing...kind of like learning a second language when they are young...which is another good thing..

  8. Hey, my 3 year old loves to strum the strings on the upright every times she walks past it. I say: "Go for it!"


  9. Haha, that it too cute! He'll definitely grow into those string, any day! ;)


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