Sunday, March 27, 2011


I haven't blogged in a long time! And it's not really for the reason you might think...I have been sick, yes, but the reason I haven't blogged is the cord to our laptop is no longer with us. (This blog post brought to you by my sister's laptop)

It had started to be a little hit or miss with charging, we had to wiggle it around until it found the right spot and it would stop when it decided it had had enough.  Shortly after that, the plastic melted back and the metal parts of the word were exposed. 

The last straw though? When Matt found it smoking.  We are on the hunt for a new cord...should be back in action by the end of the week (I hope)!

In other news, I am feeling pretty good these days! Not quite back to normal by any means, and unfortunately last week I had an allergic reaction to a different medication that was just AWFUL, ugh.  But that has been straightened out now, and soon I should be able to wean off of the medicine altogether!

Jack has been growing and changing by leaps and bounds, new words every day, new dance moves, he has even started to do the motions to 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'! The big news in the world of Jack though?  He has his very own pet! About a week ago we got him two goldfish and a small tank to keep in his room (unfortunately one of the fish is no longer with us.  Ahem...I don't know HOW it happened! It was tragic, but Jack doesn't seem to notice.)

ANYWAY, he has a 'blub-blub' and demands to look at it even 15 minutes or so.  It is adorable, hopefully I will get some pictures up here soon, but you know...without a charged computer it makes it tough. 

On the baby #2 front, I was excited to hear the heartbeat again just a few weeks ago, and as of Wednesday I will be 12 weeks along! I'm sporting a cute teeny baby bump, despite the fact that I am a few pounds down from the hyperemesis.  All worth it though!

Phew, so...What's new in the world of you?


  1. Smoking chords = no good! Hopefully you're back in bid'ness soon. :) My Hubby begged me to get Q fish for Christmas, and I planted my heels in the carpet and said there was no way I was going to be stuck cleaning fish tanks.... And then I went all crazy loco and decided we should get goats. This morning found me in the windy cold, with a thermometer up one of their rear ends for fear she was sick, and all of the sudden cleaning a fish tank didn't sound half bad.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  2. Glad to hear things are going good..was getting a little worried. Three months already!...will be here before you know it...

  3. Yeah, my laptop cord is at the "wiggle it around" stage too. I probably should order a new one BEFORE it breaks, but yeah...

  4. Hey girl!!!! Have missed ya!
    Been there - Done that with the charging cord - ugh!
    12 weeks - WHOOP WHOOP! So glad you are feeling better :-)
    Blessings friend!

  5. So happy to hear you are starting to feel better...I've missed you! Talked to Mom for the scoop, didn't want to wake you! Love and miss you, Oukie

  6. Awww, how cute that he has his own fish! I contemplated getting some for Hunter's room but I'm SO AFRAID I'd come in and find the tank on teh floor...or missing fish or something...HA HA!

  7. yippee for one fish, two fish...perfect for his room! where'd that other fish go? :)

  8. you are now farther along than me! I was 12 weeks 5 days today, but my doc changed my due date so now I'm 11 weeks 2 days! crazy!


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