Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My sister snapped this profile shot of Jack on Sunday.
Can you believe that belly?  It is a work of art I tell ya! He and I are heading out to the park to enjoy the sunshine (and hopefully get my mind off of how lousy I am feeling lately). 

Happy is Wednesday right?


  1. Love those bellies! Jackson has one just like it (and that shirt too!).

  2. LOVE the belly! Josie has one exactly like it and sticks it WAAAAY out :-) She likes to lift her shirt up and inspect her belly button lately too!
    I remember the morning (noon, and night) sickness! Hang in there mama :-) It's all worth it - even tho currently a long hibernation would probably feel great!
    Enjoy the sunshine love!

  3. His bella looks like my bella! ;) I think it's Wednesday... My days have run together for the past few weeks. ;)

  4. My little girl had a belly like that when she was his age. She's now a ripe old 2.5 years and most of that's gone now. They grow up fast. Enjoy every minute. Oh btw, I just looked at your wedding photos. I don't see how it could have been more perfect, Bekah.


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