Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Dudes

Possibly one of my favorite pictures of these two. 
This was last week, obviously pre-haircut, when we headed to the park when Daddy got home from work.  Every day, Jack's little internal clock tells him that it's about for Daddy to roll in, and he stands on his toy bin at the window and watches for his car.  As soon as he sees him, he lets out a big 'Daddy!' and runs for the door.

It's just plain precious!


  1. There is something so special between a Daddy and thier it!

  2. that story is so sweet! i can't wait to experience those little moments! sweet pic too!

  3. my 3 year old does that when daddy comes home too. Great picture!

  4. Sweet photo and words!! Our M seems to know when "Daddy time" is here too!! So awesome to witness!

  5. Thats the sweetest thing I've heard all day :) Adorable!


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