Wednesday, May 18, 2011


At 6:00 this evening I will be laying on an uncomfortable little bed, belly covered in clear goop, straining my neck to get my first few glimpses of this new little one inside of me.  I pray that it is healthy.  I wonder if it will have a profile similar to Jack?  I wonder if it will be wiggling all over the place like he was?  I wonder if it is a girl or a boy?!

I took a little informal poll on Facebook, and the results are almost all girl, which is funny because I am pretty much convinced that this is another boy.  I don't have a preference would be cool to have a daughter, but I already know that I adore having a another one of those would be pretty rad as well, you know?

So, my blogging friends, I am opening it up to you...what do you think we are having?(Also...this is my first time putting a poll into a post, so if its not working...give me a shout!  I probably wont know how to fix it anyway)

For the record...Jack insists it is a bear, but I am pretty sure that it is not, in fact, a bear.  
I also just noticed that something weird is happening to my layout...I will work on that later! Bear with me!


  1. How exciiiiiiting! Can't wait to hear what the bear cub will be. ;)

  2. I'm with Jack, I vote bear ;-)

  3. Bear, hahah, that's a hoot! Dying with anticipation on the boy/girl answer down here!! xoxo, Oukie

  4. OOO how exciting!!

    Especially if Jack is right ... could make for a VERY interesting blog read!! ;0)

  5. I'm thinking boy, but mostly I'm just DYING of anticipation!


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