Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Boy

As the warm weather has slowly crept into season, Jack has discovered a great love of all things outdoors.  Rocks, sticks, dirt, animals, and especially bugs! He has really started to explore the world around him, and I can't help but join in and rediscover the joy of simply plopping down on the sidewalk to watch an ant carry a leaf.  
It is an unexpected blessing to parenthood, a kind of second childhood that has me sitting in the grass throwing rocks at a cup once again.  I forgot how fun that could be.
For the record...he did have a shirt on...he just got really sweaty!
The memory of tantrums and disobedience all fade away pretty quickly in my mind when we draw shapes together with sidewalk chalk.  The way his eyes light up as he proudly makes a few lines with his chalk and pronounces it a 'star' is so precious to me...worth every single sleepless night. 



  1. Oh my gosh, that second photo is just tooooooo adorable.

  2. What a wonderful time for you both! Oh, the eyebrows on that boy are just too dear!! Can't wait to love on him!! xoxo, Oukie

  3. Oh he is SO cute, love the overalls with no teeshirt. :-) And isn't it fun to have a little boy? We can't walk out the door without Hunter bending down immediately to grab up fistfuls of grass to carry with him! LOL


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