Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Zoo!

I am a little behind on some of my posting, but about a week and a half ago we took Jack to the zoo for the first time! We went down to the Washington Zoo, which I totally recommend doing if you are nearby.  It is free to get in, and it was really nice!

We rode the train down, to save on gas and on parking.  Jack was so excited to be on the choo-choo, and for the trip down he just sat on my lap and stared out of the window (to make up for it on the way back he thrashed, screamed, cried, and peed on my leg...sigh) (Also, my mom and step-dad somehow missed the train on the way back and had to wait for another one, which was then stopped at another station and everyone had to get off and wait for ANOTHER train...it was kind of a mess).

Jack was so excited to see all of the animals, particularly the elephants and the birds.  The dude loves birds, he points and smiles and says 'tee-tee'. 
I'm pretty sure that the frog was not technically a zoo animal, but Jack was excited to see it nonetheless! Also, see that peacock?  Well, my nephew Emerson took one look at it, and yelled 'DUCK!'.  To which Mr. Peacock screeched and did this...
...as if to say, "Seriously kid?  You ever see a duck do this? I DIDN'T THINK SO!" Later on in the exhibit there was another peacock, which Emerson also managed to offend and he also spread his plumage in response!

As we left this exhibit, we came across the following...
...yeah.  That's my brother.  Doing...that.  We have this ongoing joke that every time Everett is standing still he is striking a pose for the camera.  This time he definitely was.

Later we came across Jack's very favorite thing in the whole zoo.  A thing that made him smile, and occupied his attention endlessly.  Such an amazing thing, this thing!
His own reflection! This exhibit was empty, by the way, so yes...that big smile is for his reflection.
What can I say, the kid knows handsome when he sees it!


  1. Elephants!?!?! SCORE!!! Our MN zoo doesn't even have elephants! I adore how he was diggin' his reflection - thatta boy! :-)

  2. How fun! I want to take our boy to the zoo sooo bad!

  3. Those photos at the end are so cute! I was thinking the same thing as Maggie- elephants seem pretty cool for a free zoo!

  4. How fun...next time you have to go with us to OUR zoo :)

  5. Oh man, Jack is SO cute looking o happily at his own reflection!

    And I've been dying to take Hunter to the zoo...I know he'd have a blast. :-)


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