Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Art of Cheese

I have always loved pictures of toddlers when you can tell they have just figured out that they are supposed to smile at the camera, their little bared teeth and their scrunched up noses speak straight to my heart.  I had wondered how long it would be before my little boy started to say 'cheese'.  Apparently?  19 months. 
My boy is a master at the art of cheese.  His crooked little smile shows off his chipped baby teeth, his squinty little eyes look just like his Daddy's, and he gives me almost a full second of 'cheese' time to snap off at least one decent picture.  
Sometimes he forgets to make eye contact with the camera, but I don't mind.  The kid is cute, regardless.

I call this one the 'Chicken Corn Soup Cheese'...which actually sounds like a really disgusting recipe, but in reality, it is one of my favorite pictures of him. 

If you have a little one in your life, is (s)he mastering The Art of Cheese?  Or maybe they have had it down for years?


  1. So cute! Perhaps I'm crazy, but I swear my 7 month old smiles whenever I whip out the camera.

  2. oh so cheesy! haha...did u see what i did there???

    oh i crack myself up!

  3. Love the quirky corn soup cheese!!! Bekah, he is just too dear...counting the days!!!!! xoxox, Oukie

  4. SO cute! I love it when kids really start hamming it up for the camera. Mine have had one stuck in their face since birth, and thankfully oblige most of the time. That'll probably bite me in the hiney when they are teens. ;)

  5. Wow...I think I can see a little bit of Matt in

    Beautiful boy! (Beautiful part comes from Bekah BTW!)

    Love Pap!

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