Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stripes and Fundraisers

When I was younger, I read that horizontal stripes can make your waist look wider...I committed that little vain fact to memory, and it wasn't until this past year that I finally bought a really cute black and white tunic that was striped.  To my surprise...I loved it.  If it weren't a sweater, I would wear it all the time.  Since then I have found that I really like stripes.  Sure they may not be the MOST flattering thing I could possibly put on my body, but you know what?  I don't really care anymore.  I am shaped the way I am shaped, and no amount of stripes or no stripes will ever change that fact.  

That little diatribe really has very little to do with this post...aside from the fact that I love the dress I am wearing in this picture...21 weeks.

Weight Gain: I haven't been weighed recently, and have no desire to be! I feel pretty good, so I think that is what matters at this point!
Cravings: Fruit, mainly strawberries and watermelon...but if it's fruit, I will eat it.  Remember last week how I NEEDED tacos? Well, I folded and got one at Taco Bell...and remembered that Taco Bell makes me sick. 
Movement: Oh yes. Although I think he is a little less wild than Jack was at this point. 

Gender: All boy!
Milestones: I wore my bathing suit for the first time last weekend at my in-laws pool.  Homegirl NEEDS a tan...but got a burn. 

I also want to make sure to mention something really cool and really important.  I have this blogging friend, her name is Shandell, she is pretty much awesome.  She has a little guy named Malakai, and just like me, she is also expecting another little boy in October! Just a few weeks ago, her son Malakai had to have surgery to repair a hernia, and thankfully he is a champ and recovering very well.  The point of me mentioning this is that although their prayers for a safe recovery for Malakai haven been answered, they are also facing some hefty medical bills.  She is currently running one heck of a giveaway to raise some cash to cover those medical expenses (remember...they will also be having a baby this year...and we all know those aren't cheap!). Hop over to her blog and check it out!


  1. you look adorable! and thanks for sharing our fundraiser, I appreciate it.

  2. you look so adorable :0) the stripes look good on you!!!

  3. HA HA You don't tan sweetie! Not in your genes i'm afraid.

  4. You look beautiful as always! Stripes become you and I love your belly, too dear! xoxox, Oukie

  5. Could I ask for some advise?!?! I have no idea how to make my blog button the kind that makes it so it has the attached hyperlink to cut and paste... I googled directions and they weren't "dummy proof" enough for me! I got through steps 1-3 and failed the rest of the way in a sort of epic fashion ;0)

  6. So cute! I love that dress too!

  7. I love stripes! And you look adorable. :-)

  8. Oh yes, if there was ever a time to embrace stripes, it's while pregnant! You look amazing!

  9. I just love the stripes! You look great! :)


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