Wednesday, July 27, 2011

29 Weeks

It occurred to me sometime between last week and this week that if Luke is born at the same gestational age that Jack was, he could be here less than 9 weeks.   Nine weeks.  That's...not very long at all. 

I am starting to feel pretty large, and based on the amount of comments like 'Any day now?' that I keep getting from strangers, I must be looking pretty darn large. 

Nesting has hit hard this last week, poor Matt spent the last three evenings cleaning the basement with me.  'Cause, you know, Luke is going to spend a lot of time down there, so it TOTALLY matters what the freakin' basement looks like! (Poor sweet Matt has been a champ putting up with me thus far)

Weight Gain: 22 lbs at last appt.  I refuse to weigh myself at home...I don't see the point.
Movement: CRAZY.
Cravings: Pizza.  We finally ordered one last night, and OH the heartburn.  But it was worth it. 
Gender: Dude. 
Labor Signs: Nothing new, just my usual Irritable Uterus contractions...not real labor!
Milestones:Nothing really, I didn't get called after taking my Gestational Diabetes test, so I am assuming I passed that, which is good!  Also I'm large.  And tired.  And large.

Did I mention I feel large?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Before any of you start thinking that ALL we do 'round here is fingerpainting, putting stickers on bellies, and having sweet, tender, mommy/son time, I do want to clear the air.

Yes,  Jack is an awesome toddler.  But he is still a toddler.  And this?  This scene is just as common as the cuddling/hugs/kisses.
 Note the sticker on his belly? This was mere moments after the pictures from yesterday.  
Would you like to know WHY Jack is so upset?  Clearly it must be the end of the world right?
Pretty close.  I told him not to hit the dog.
It. was. tragic.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Belly Art

It is no secret we are into crafts in this family.  One of Jack's favorite crafts is simply putting stickers on a piece of paper.  We plop down on the floor with a sheet of stickers and a nice big piece of construction paper, and away we go.  Saturday though...things took a turn.

The construction paper was no longer interesting, and his attention turned to the elephant in the room.
And yes, by elephant I mean me.  Once he saw how fun that could be...he decided that HIS belly needed a little sprucing up as well.
Gosh I love this kid!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Embracing Our Traditional Photo

Every time we go to the beach, we get a picture taken.  All of the siblings on a bench, the same order every time.  When we took the first one, there were only five of us.
Not sure exactly what year this was, maybe 2000?
By the next picture there were nine...

Then there were 11 (12 if you count baby Jack in my belly!)...
We missed the next year, but this summer there were 12 (plus one missing 10 year old, and 1 baby Luke in my belly,so really the grand total is up to FOURTEEN!). Also...this is a much smaller bench, aside from me no one is any wider than usual!
I wonder if we will have to start using two benches in a few years?!

I love this family!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

28 Weeks

Alternate title: Irritable Uterus Strikes Again! 

If you were around for my pregnancy with Jack, you might remember that my uterus is a big old jerk.  Basically I contract.  A lot.  I spent the majority of yesterday feeling crappy, and once I finally laid down I realized I was contracting every five minutes or so.  Since this is basically what happened last time, I tried not to worry and put in a call to my midwife.  She agreed that it was probably just my irritable uterus once again in combination with a little dehydration from the heat.  I have started drinking A LOT more water, as well as Chamomile tea (to relax my really helps!), and although I am still contracting, I no longer feel so crappy (in fact, by evening I felt perfectly fine...aside from the contractions).  Should anything change I will definitely head in for monitoring, but I am simply praying that it's just my silly overactive uterus, and that Luke stays put for another 10 weeks or so.

Other than THAT, so far so good! I had an appointment on Monday and learned that Luke is measuring a little on the large side.  Only a week or so in advance, and it's not uncommon for babies to have growth spurts that put them ahead in size a little bit.  
Matt took this picture, then said...'Wow, that got big'.  Yes.  Yes it did.


Weight Gain: 22 lbs.  Sigh.  I'm fine with it. 
Cravings: Still watermelon.
Sleep: Total crap.  As evidenced by how tired I look in the above picture.  I now remember why I cropped the heads out of my pictures last time!
Movement:  Yep! He's a mover and a shaker.
Gender: Boy!
Labor signs: Not really...just my contractions, which are not real labor contractions.
Milestones: I found a new stretch mark.  Would we call that a milestone?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Homemade Fingerpaint

On Thursday morning last week, I had a stroke of genius.  I was looking around my living room, thinking that it would be nice to find a way to display some of Jack's recent creations, when BAM! I got it.  Fingerpaint.  On a canvas.  Done.

Problem was, I didn't have any fingerpaint.  All I have are acrylic craft paints, and I didn't really want Jack dipping his hands repeatedly into that stuff.  So what did I do?  I took to the internet.  And the internet came through!

I found a SUPER simple recipe for fingerpaint (3 cups boiling water, 1 cup corn starch, food coloring) from this website, gathered up the few supplies I needed, and we got to painting!
 The paint did turn out a little lumpy in texture (see picture on the right), although I attribute that to operator error in this case.  I don't think I let it get hot enough after I added the cornstarch.

To my surprise, Jack really wasn't interested in actually painting with his fingers, but once I handed him a paintbrush, he got down to business (also - I am glad I used this kid friendly recipe instead of my craft paints, because one of the first things he did was to put a big brush-full of green paint straight into his mouth).
He painted for about a half an hour, which is a pretty long time for a toddler to spend on one particular activity, so I will definitely be repeating this craft!

Also?  My hallway 'art' is fabulous.  One of a kind.  Priceless (to me).

Friday, July 15, 2011

It All Ends sister just posted this.  And as you can imagine...just like last time, this Harry Potter movie is a family event.  All the siblings (and their sig. others) are heading over to see it tonight...and all of our heads are likely to explode.  

And what really cracks me up is that I didn't have the slightest interest in Harry Potter books until the fourth one came out.  I even worked at a bookstore during that time, and people would ask me about the Harry Potter books, and I would flippantly reply 'Oh, they are great if you like children's fiction'.  Whoa.  I KNOW.  Who was that girl?  I don't even know her!

I left the following comment:

"CANNOT WAIT! Did I ever tell you that I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I read the last book and get to the part where Molly Weasley throws off her cape and duels Bellatrix to defend her daughter? eyes welled up just typing that.  How embarrassing. 

If that's in the movie I am going to lose it.  If that's NOT in the movie...I am going to LOSE it. "

And I realized...I have a problem.  Is this really the LAST time Matt and I are going to shell out $20 bucks to see our favorite boy magician strut his stuff on the silver screen?

But, but...I love Harry Potter.  I love Hermione.  I love Ron, and Hagrid, and Lupin, and don't you even get me STARTED on Dobby. 

Sigh.  It all ends eventually I guess. 

I've been trying to get Matt to dress up as Hagrid...he doesn't seem interested.  I have no idea why!?

Did you go? Are you going?  Or are you not into 'children's fiction' either? (you snob, you)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Great Toddler Bed Debate

Ever since I saw two little pink lines appear on that little plastic stick back in February, Matt and I have been going back and forth on one specific issue.  We have consulted parents, siblings, friends, books, doctors, and multiple websites on this issue.

THE BIG BOY BED.  Oh dear Lord...I tremble in fear.  Some people report nothing but praise for the transition to a big kid bed, while others haven't slept since the day their toddler realized they could now climb out of their own bed and play in the dark!

Jack seems perfectly happy sleeping in his night.  But for naps?  He sleeps in our bed.  Usually by himself, but every now and then I do nap with him.  Also, by the time Luke will be born, Jack will be just weeks away from his second birthday, which is right around when we had loosely planned to move him to a big boy bed.  We would like to move him a little sooner now, because we don't want to sack him with a new sibling AND a new sleeping arrangement. 

We don't see the point in buying a second crib for Luke, when it would most likely be a matter of months, if not weeks, until Jack is no longer using his, and neither Matt nor I really like the idea of converting Jack's current crib into a toddler bed.  We think we might go with a twin sized bed, one that he would then just be able to stay in until he is much older.  Something like this...
We like that we could add a bed rail to the exposed side, making it a little more like the crib that he knows already.  Also, this way we think we might be able to get around the 'napping in Mommy and Daddy's bed' issue, because if need be I can still lay down in there with him until he falls asleep.

Are we crazy?  What did you do?  Any magic tips?  PLEASE?  I am not afraid to beg.  Please share your experiences with us, be they good, bad, or ugly, we want to hear it all!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

27 Weeks and a Date!

Due to uncontrollable circumstances that I don't care to rehash here on the blog, our actual anniversary was not very...anniversary-ish.  It wasn't anyone's fault, and we did have some nice moments in the day, but we were both hoping that it would be more than it was. 

So yesterday afternoon when Matt let me know that our bible study/small group meeting had been canceled, I called my mom to make sure she could still watch Jack for the evening, slapped on some eyeliner and pink nail polish, and called it a date!
My handsome husband!
This is the first picture that we have of just the two of us in quite a while.  Like, really...I can't think of the last one.  We didn't do anything fancy, just went to Viet Thai for some delicious Thai food.  Ironically, we hadn't been to eat there since I was pregnant with Jack...I don't know why because we both LOVE their food, we just never think to go there.
I am terrible at taking pictures of food...
Matt had the above pictured Chicken Satay, I had Chicken Pad Thai (which I meant to take a picture of, but ate so fast that there wasn't time for photos, it was delicious by the way).  After dinner we simply headed home to our handsome little guy, and I have to was such a nice impromptu date night!

And now for the pregnancy portion of this post...

27 Weeks.  And although it may seem subtle to those of you who don't look in the mirror and see me everyday, my face is officially pregnant now (as is my rear end...but we aren't going to talk about that).  Ugh.

Annnnyway...I am officially into my third and final trimester now, and I am still feeling pretty good.  I am starting to get very achy in my hips (which happened with Jack as well) so I have been making an effort to take at least one decent walk with the dog at night once it cools down in order to keep from getting too stiff. 


Weight Gain: I have an appointment next week...we will see the damage then! I'm assuming I have gained around 20 lbs total by this point...which is fine.  Aside from the whole 'fat face' issue.
Cravings: Watermelon and peanut butter.  NOT together. 
Sleep: Still pretty good at this point.  I wake up every now and then, but I can't complain!
Movement:  All.the.time.  His movement are starting to become more restricted as he grows, and boy oh boy is he getting strong!
Gender: It's a dude!
Milestones: Fat face strikes again? The big milestone this week is the start of the third trimester.  Yikes! Where did this pregnancy go?

So there you have it...two trimesters down, one to go! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation, Week 2

Week 1 will have to come AFTER week 2, which I realize doesn't make a whole lot of sense chronologically, but all of those pictures are on Matt's laptop, and I am currently blogging from MY laptop whilst sitting next to a sleeping baby boy...and I am not about to move and mess up this little naptime!

SO.  WEEK TWO.  It's so hard to put a vacation into words, you know?  So I think I will mainly keep this in picture/collage form.

We spent week two with Matt's parents at their house in Punta Gorda.  As I have mentioned before, Matt's parents live several hours away from us, so they were extremely happy to have not only their son, but also their grandson, at their fingertips for an entire week.  I can't blame them, I have some pretty cool guys over here.
Needless to say...there was laughter.  The big event of week two was none other than...can you guess??
WALT DISNEY WORLD! Jack was absolutely beside himself when he saw Buzz Lightyear.  He started to say 'Buzz' but only managed 'bu...' and his little jaw dropped and he just stared openmouthed.  It was precious.

We spent the majority of the week swimming in Matt's parents pool...
...eating ice cream cones (which Jack calls a Mimicone, by the way)...
...and playing at the myriad of wonderful parks Florida has to offer.
 I mean really, the parks in Florida are the bees knees in comparison to most of the parks here in Pennsylvania.  Maybe it is because there is no winter where there are no children coming to play, but WOW, we were totally impressed. 

We also spent a fair amount of time just...relaxing!
Since the afternoons could get so incredibly hot, and in my beached whale state I am not a huge fan of 'hot', Jack and I often cuddled in bed and read books, or just napped together.  I know, that doesn't sound very vacation-like, but isn't that what vacation is all about? RELAXING?

I knew you would agree.

And now...for one of my favorite vacation pictures...this is how Jack spent the last evening in Florida before the long drive home.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Home at Last!

Vacation was wonderful, but after two weeks away from home, it is nice to settle in and get back into the swing of things...
Heheh, get it? Swing? Ha ha? No?

Okay...I'm still readjusting...I'll work on the corny humor.  Brace yourselves for a slew of vacation pictures in the coming week!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yesterday morning I received a very special text message from Trinity.  A special series of messages actually.  The first one said simply "Nanny says Happy Anniversary, and this is your gift..."

I was pretty confused, mainly because not only were we definitely not expecting a gift, it is also very rare for my Nanny to send news in a text message!

I moved on to the next message, which happened to be a picture.  I was a little confused at first, trying to figure out what exactly I was seeing, but as the reality of their gift settled in, tears sprang to my eyes.  Here is the picture (Nanny on the left, and my Uncle Sam on the right)...
Figure it out yet?  You guys...they removed the tree.  You know, THE TREE?  The enormous one that fell on our old house in the middle of that storm?   

There is still the damage to the house to figure out, among other things, but this is such an amazing help to us. 

We are so blessed by this amazing family that God has placed us in, and we are so grateful for this amazing gift that Sam, Trinity, and Nanny gave us. 

An anniversary gift like none other, huh?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Three years. We like to say it feels like three minutes....underwater.
I kid, I kid! Kind of.

The last three years have been absolutely wonderful in so many ways, but both Matt and I agree that there have been times when we have felt like we were underwater looking at each other with bulging cheeks, kicking frantically for the surface.  Like maybe all that crap with the house poisoning our child?  And we both just kind of shut down?  That was hard.  We learned and we grew from it, but it was definitely an 'underwater' period of our marriage, and we also know that despite the times that are hard, there are many more good times than bad.  More laughter than tears.  

And I know I will never be swimming alone. 

I love you Matthew, Happy Anniversary!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Girls of Summer

There are some things about the beach that are central to my memories of past vacations.  Be it scents, outfits, sounds...they all bring back memories of summers past, and hopes for summers to come.

The smell of sunscreen.
The feel of sand under my feet.
The sound of waves crashing on the shore. 
PB&J sandwiches on the beach.
Cool sheets on a sunburn.
Sundresses and flip flops.
Denim shorts and a bikini top...

Scratch that last's just not the same this year for some reason...

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