Wednesday, July 13, 2011

27 Weeks and a Date!

Due to uncontrollable circumstances that I don't care to rehash here on the blog, our actual anniversary was not very...anniversary-ish.  It wasn't anyone's fault, and we did have some nice moments in the day, but we were both hoping that it would be more than it was. 

So yesterday afternoon when Matt let me know that our bible study/small group meeting had been canceled, I called my mom to make sure she could still watch Jack for the evening, slapped on some eyeliner and pink nail polish, and called it a date!
My handsome husband!
This is the first picture that we have of just the two of us in quite a while.  Like, really...I can't think of the last one.  We didn't do anything fancy, just went to Viet Thai for some delicious Thai food.  Ironically, we hadn't been to eat there since I was pregnant with Jack...I don't know why because we both LOVE their food, we just never think to go there.
I am terrible at taking pictures of food...
Matt had the above pictured Chicken Satay, I had Chicken Pad Thai (which I meant to take a picture of, but ate so fast that there wasn't time for photos, it was delicious by the way).  After dinner we simply headed home to our handsome little guy, and I have to was such a nice impromptu date night!

And now for the pregnancy portion of this post...

27 Weeks.  And although it may seem subtle to those of you who don't look in the mirror and see me everyday, my face is officially pregnant now (as is my rear end...but we aren't going to talk about that).  Ugh.

Annnnyway...I am officially into my third and final trimester now, and I am still feeling pretty good.  I am starting to get very achy in my hips (which happened with Jack as well) so I have been making an effort to take at least one decent walk with the dog at night once it cools down in order to keep from getting too stiff. 


Weight Gain: I have an appointment next week...we will see the damage then! I'm assuming I have gained around 20 lbs total by this point...which is fine.  Aside from the whole 'fat face' issue.
Cravings: Watermelon and peanut butter.  NOT together. 
Sleep: Still pretty good at this point.  I wake up every now and then, but I can't complain!
Movement:  All.the.time.  His movement are starting to become more restricted as he grows, and boy oh boy is he getting strong!
Gender: It's a dude!
Milestones: Fat face strikes again? The big milestone this week is the start of the third trimester.  Yikes! Where did this pregnancy go?

So there you have it...two trimesters down, one to go! 


  1. Yay for date night! And you look great :)

  2. In our life, eyeliner totally constitutes an official date! No matter how impromptu! ;) You look adorable, as always. No fat face, either. I can show you pics from when I was preggers with Q and you will see a fat face. ;) That food looks delicious, too. (PS, LOVED the questions you asked! Can't wait to answer 'em!)

  3. There is NOT a fat face anywhere on this blog!!!!!!!! You are a BeAuTiFuL pregnant woman and healthy to boot! Sounds like the perfect date and I LOVE the pic of you two, would look great in a frame in MY house!! Love you dear, Oukie

  4. Girl, I see your fat face and raise you fat lips AND a fat nose! What is with pregnancy and our faces looking weird? Not that yours looks weird at all, or fat, but sheesh, I am almost unrecognizable! And you look great carrying that boy.

  5. You look great! Yay for date nights! I'd totally dig having one myself. :)

  6. you are so beautiful! thats a great pic of you guys!!

  7. You look fantastic, my dear. And, rah for do-over date nights. It's just necessary sometimes.

  8. That photo of you two is sooooo cute! I love that you can see jack's photo in the background.

  9. Glad you got to have a date, even if it wasn't on your actual anniversary!

    You look so cute! I craved watermelon w/all my babies.

  10. Many congrats to you and your hubby! Such exciting news! I'm a new follower. Looking forward to following along your journey!


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