Wednesday, July 27, 2011

29 Weeks

It occurred to me sometime between last week and this week that if Luke is born at the same gestational age that Jack was, he could be here less than 9 weeks.   Nine weeks.  That's...not very long at all. 

I am starting to feel pretty large, and based on the amount of comments like 'Any day now?' that I keep getting from strangers, I must be looking pretty darn large. 

Nesting has hit hard this last week, poor Matt spent the last three evenings cleaning the basement with me.  'Cause, you know, Luke is going to spend a lot of time down there, so it TOTALLY matters what the freakin' basement looks like! (Poor sweet Matt has been a champ putting up with me thus far)

Weight Gain: 22 lbs at last appt.  I refuse to weigh myself at home...I don't see the point.
Movement: CRAZY.
Cravings: Pizza.  We finally ordered one last night, and OH the heartburn.  But it was worth it. 
Gender: Dude. 
Labor Signs: Nothing new, just my usual Irritable Uterus contractions...not real labor!
Milestones:Nothing really, I didn't get called after taking my Gestational Diabetes test, so I am assuming I passed that, which is good!  Also I'm large.  And tired.  And large.

Did I mention I feel large?


  1. Maybe Large, but oh so beautiful too! You're doing great Bekah. You sure got a good one there with dear Matt!! Love to all, Oukie

  2. I agree, you are beautiful and that top is ADORABLE on you! Totally LOL'd about cleaning the basement, it's so funny what we deem so important while pregnant. :P

  3. Love that shirt! Very cute!! And you look great btw!

  4. you are adorable!!! and a very cute top I must say!! where do you shop for maternity clothes??

  5. I don't think you look large at all, but I surely know the feeling right about now. Honestly, I think most people don't realize just how big a woman gets when she's actually at the "any day now" point. Probably because most of us stay out of the public eye at that point ;)
    If it makes you feel better you're a pound less than me and a week ahead of me!

  6. You are only large in the belly. Also, I can't believe you're 29 weeks already. Time flies when you're pregnant with a toddler....not pregnant WITH a toddler, but you know what I mean :)

  7. I love that top! you look beautiful!

  8. U look great!!! Nesting includes basements too :)

  9. Girl, if you are "large", then I was a HOUSE at the end. LOL I think you look fabulous! And I definitely remember that crazy nesting oh-so-well! LOL

  10. you look beautious sister!!



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