Friday, July 15, 2011

It All Ends sister just posted this.  And as you can imagine...just like last time, this Harry Potter movie is a family event.  All the siblings (and their sig. others) are heading over to see it tonight...and all of our heads are likely to explode.  

And what really cracks me up is that I didn't have the slightest interest in Harry Potter books until the fourth one came out.  I even worked at a bookstore during that time, and people would ask me about the Harry Potter books, and I would flippantly reply 'Oh, they are great if you like children's fiction'.  Whoa.  I KNOW.  Who was that girl?  I don't even know her!

I left the following comment:

"CANNOT WAIT! Did I ever tell you that I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I read the last book and get to the part where Molly Weasley throws off her cape and duels Bellatrix to defend her daughter? eyes welled up just typing that.  How embarrassing. 

If that's in the movie I am going to lose it.  If that's NOT in the movie...I am going to LOSE it. "

And I realized...I have a problem.  Is this really the LAST time Matt and I are going to shell out $20 bucks to see our favorite boy magician strut his stuff on the silver screen?

But, but...I love Harry Potter.  I love Hermione.  I love Ron, and Hagrid, and Lupin, and don't you even get me STARTED on Dobby. 

Sigh.  It all ends eventually I guess. 

I've been trying to get Matt to dress up as Hagrid...he doesn't seem interested.  I have no idea why!?

Did you go? Are you going?  Or are you not into 'children's fiction' either? (you snob, you)


  1. I'm with you. When I finished reading the last Harry Potter book, I felt...empty. I felt like a part of my life had ended.
    I really enjoy Children's literature. Like the Twilight Series and The Hunger Games (Katniss is my hero).

  2. Love me some children's lit - obviously, kinda one of the reasons I went into ELED! :) Jealous of the date tonight - Chris and I were trying to find someone to watch our littles so we could go too...have fun!

  3. not in to children's fictions LOL. what a cool tradition you have with your siblings? You will have to get them on DVD and just have Harry Potter marathons every year (:

  4. I was a reporter when the first one came out and wrote an article on the first one after reading it - I enjoyed it but at that time, was all "It's a great kids book" ... I saw the first two, but then lost interest. I hadn't seen any since ... my husband, btw, LOVES it and has read all of the books MANY times and has seen them all and owns them all. Until I caught the tail end of the second to last one, I still wasn't sure about this whole 'kids' book phenomenon. Why are adults so into this? Hello Darkness?!?!? This is not a kids' movie!!! This is an EVERYONE movie!! I'm pumped to see the last one now and, actually, am starting a marathon this week to watch them all, one by one, to catch up and get ready this Friday to go and see the very last HP movie with my husband ... and am very exicted about it, actually!

  5. I just saw the last one! So amazing! It's sad that its ending, but all good things come to an end. On to the next series, but I wonder if any will match Harry Potter. I wonder if it will become required reading one day in school?


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