Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Three years. We like to say it feels like three minutes....underwater.
I kid, I kid! Kind of.

The last three years have been absolutely wonderful in so many ways, but both Matt and I agree that there have been times when we have felt like we were underwater looking at each other with bulging cheeks, kicking frantically for the surface.  Like maybe all that crap with the house poisoning our child?  And we both just kind of shut down?  That was hard.  We learned and we grew from it, but it was definitely an 'underwater' period of our marriage, and we also know that despite the times that are hard, there are many more good times than bad.  More laughter than tears.  

And I know I will never be swimming alone. 

I love you Matthew, Happy Anniversary!


  1. Happy anniversary to my sweet sister and bonus bro!! I love yOu!!

  2. Happy Anniversary...and remember, there's no one better that you'd rather hold your breath with :)

  3. Happy anniversary to you guys. We celebrated 3 in April <3!!

  4. hee hee, funny! just hopped on over here from a friend's blog.
    very cute!

    God bless~

  5. Oh Rats, I forgot to wish you Happy Anniversary!!!! You both mean so much and I love you! (Yours is still the most beautiful wedding to date!!) Bet you are having fun this week! Love to all, smooch Jack for me, xoxo, Oukie

  6. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you as well! I'm also catching up a bit :)


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