Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Before any of you start thinking that ALL we do 'round here is fingerpainting, putting stickers on bellies, and having sweet, tender, mommy/son time, I do want to clear the air.

Yes,  Jack is an awesome toddler.  But he is still a toddler.  And this?  This scene is just as common as the cuddling/hugs/kisses.
 Note the sticker on his belly? This was mere moments after the pictures from yesterday.  
Would you like to know WHY Jack is so upset?  Clearly it must be the end of the world right?
Pretty close.  I told him not to hit the dog.
It. was. tragic.


  1. the sticker on the belly just adds a bit of humor to the story although i am sure it wasn't too humorous for you or jack. btw, what kind of camera do you have? i am looking for a new one and your pictures always turn out so well!

  2. Oh my, too stinkin funny, I know I wasn't there, but still.....! Have a great day together Lovey, xoxo Oukie

  3. Ohhhh yes, two year olds have it so rough y'know? ;)

  4. Ha! OMG I love it. I mean yea I hate to see them so upset but OMG so flipping cute! I wish i could have melt downs likes that when i'm pissed about something!

  5. If you hang around in the blog world too long, it would seem that toddlerhood is puppies and rainbows, huh?! I keep having to remind myself, "Drew is TWO. This is how two-year-olds cope." (Which is to say, not well at ALL.) Hang in there, mama!

  6. Looks like our house. You'd think by saying not to STAND on the dog (yeah, that's a common one in my house), we'd have said we were beating him.

    Toddlers man. They're just too much sometimes!

  7. Oh the tantrums. Make me want to throw a tantrum.

  8. Oh you have so inspired me! Isaac will start crying randomly and when asked why he'll suddenly stop and just say "Because I want to cry."

  9. hahahaha! oh jacky!!

    aunt emmy

  10. I can't help but laugh...I noticed the sticker first thing!


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