Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation, Week 2

Week 1 will have to come AFTER week 2, which I realize doesn't make a whole lot of sense chronologically, but all of those pictures are on Matt's laptop, and I am currently blogging from MY laptop whilst sitting next to a sleeping baby boy...and I am not about to move and mess up this little naptime!

SO.  WEEK TWO.  It's so hard to put a vacation into words, you know?  So I think I will mainly keep this in picture/collage form.

We spent week two with Matt's parents at their house in Punta Gorda.  As I have mentioned before, Matt's parents live several hours away from us, so they were extremely happy to have not only their son, but also their grandson, at their fingertips for an entire week.  I can't blame them, I have some pretty cool guys over here.
Needless to say...there was laughter.  The big event of week two was none other than...can you guess??
WALT DISNEY WORLD! Jack was absolutely beside himself when he saw Buzz Lightyear.  He started to say 'Buzz' but only managed 'bu...' and his little jaw dropped and he just stared openmouthed.  It was precious.

We spent the majority of the week swimming in Matt's parents pool...
...eating ice cream cones (which Jack calls a Mimicone, by the way)...
...and playing at the myriad of wonderful parks Florida has to offer.
 I mean really, the parks in Florida are the bees knees in comparison to most of the parks here in Pennsylvania.  Maybe it is because there is no winter where there are no children coming to play, but WOW, we were totally impressed. 

We also spent a fair amount of time just...relaxing!
Since the afternoons could get so incredibly hot, and in my beached whale state I am not a huge fan of 'hot', Jack and I often cuddled in bed and read books, or just napped together.  I know, that doesn't sound very vacation-like, but isn't that what vacation is all about? RELAXING?

I knew you would agree.

And now...for one of my favorite vacation pictures...this is how Jack spent the last evening in Florida before the long drive home.


  1. What a terrific vacation story!! Love the pics, everyone looks like they had a wonderful time!! Oh, Jackie, love the tushie!! Kisses all around, Oukie

  2. I find it fitting that in the 'you might like' posts..the second one about the Christmas Tree also ends with a shot of Jack's behind.

    Dude likes his freedom...nothin' wrong with that!

  3. Super Vacay! Don't you love the splash parks in warm-weather states? Miss that about our old home!

  4. Seriously, there is nothing cuter than baby cheeks.


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