Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Weeks and Luke the Tomato

Remember back when I was 20 weeks along and finally starting to show a little?  I bought this really cute blue shirt for Easter and I remember thinking 'I will totally be able to wear this for the whole pregnancy!'.

Ten weeks later, ten weeks to go, and I'm not feeling very optimistic about the lifespan of that shirt.
She's lookin' a little stretched. 

30 Week Stats:

Weight Gain: Why do I always start with this?  Honest truth - No idea.  I have an appt. on the 8th. 
Cravings: Stromboli. My mom's stromboli to be precise.  Mom?  You reading this?  Luke NEEDS stromboli.
Movement: Oh yes.  Mostly at night, I still love watching my belly pitch and roll while he cavorts madly inside. 
Gender: It's a boy!
Sleep:  Haha, well it's not great, but I am very grateful that Matt has summers off from work.   He has graciously let me sleep in several times this week after I have spent the night uncomfortably awake.  That's a huge blessing.  
Labor Signs: Nope, and we'd like to keep it that way for a while!
Milestones: 30 weeks down, 10 (or so) to go!

So.  That's that.  30 weeks along and, while I am uncomfortable to be sure, I have been trying to focus on what a blessing it is to be given the gift of another healthy baby! 

We get asked pretty frequently what Jack thinks of the whole baby brother thing, and honestly? He doesn't get it yet.  He calls my belly Luke, and he knows that the third bedroom is 'Luke's room' but I'm quite sure he is too young to process that there is a baby inside of me.  In fact, on Sunday my mom let Jack pick a tomato from her plants, which he proceeded to carry around the house and refer to as 'baby Luke'.

No Sweet Jack, Mommy is NOT going to give birth to a tomato.


  1. Dear Jack, such a funny, little guy! Can't wait to see his face when he realizes just what a "Luke" really is!! He's just too precious!! You look so beautiful Bekah as always! Love you all, Oukie

  2. Hopefully he likes it more than the tomato, because he jammed his little thumb into that!

  3. Jack needs the book, We Need a Moose by Jerry Jerman. It's perfect for him.
    And you don't look like you're "any day now" you're just all out front cause it's a boy! I think you look cute as a button!

  4. oh, your lookin' so good! it's funny...i always thought that about my clothes too...they sure didn't last long ;)


  5. I can't tell you how many shirts I thought the same thing about! You're still doing great mama!

    As for breastfeeding, Isaac has asked a few times what Ezra is doing or has tried to offer Ezra his food and I tell him that he's eating or that he can only have mama's milk. Isaac hasn't really touched or been too intrigued, but one night he did want me to hold him and he kept turning his head to my chest. He would kind of kiss my skin and make a smacking sound, but wasn't actually attempting to go for my boob thank goodness!

  6. my bad.....that was fault...i fixed it!! Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Yep, I had a few of those shirts too! You look great though! Not much longer!

  8. You look fantastic!! I'm totally jealous :)


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