Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drama Queen

Do you guys remember how much Matt and I stressed out about the idea of transitioning Jack out of his bed and into a big boy bed? 


Cell phone picture,
He loves it.  LOVES IT.  He will run up the stairs saying 'big boy bed' and sit in it and read books.  He crawls under it and calls it a 'tunnel', but mostly he sleeps like a champ in it!

I should have known that he would do better with this than I would.  I thought for sure Matt or I would be sleeping on the floor next to his bed, but no...Mr. Big Boy doesn't need us.

Sigh...dude is growing up so fast. 

P.S. I will get a better picture up here soon...we have since organized his toys and his room doesn't look quite so cluttered!


  1. Griffin loves his new bed too. What a relief! He also does the exact same thing of crawling under it and calling it a tunnel - too funny! Glad the transition went smoothly for you.

  2. I've been putting it off for Lizzy--mostly because she is a super climber and I'm dreading bolting EVERYTHING to the walls. That, and sometimes it is nice having her contained.

    But, I'm glad the transition went so well for you!

  3. Aww, sweet big boy!! Good for you Jackie Q!! Love you all, Oukie

  4. This gives me hope! We transition in a few months...I'm scared.

  5. I'm so happy for you that it turned out well. I hope it continues to be easy, Kai is in a "get into everything instead of napping" phase. oy!

  6. that's great news! isn't it "funny" when we are stressed out and our kids totally surprise us?!?! :)


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