Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

While the rest of the blogging world is in a tither over their kids going back to school, Matt is back in the classroom as of today.  We have spent the last weekend trying to pack in as much family time as possible, be it trips to the library, ice cream outings, or afternoons at the park, we have tried to make sure we did it just one more time. 
Why? Well, neither of us has actually said it, but I think we are both trying to pack in as much time as a family of three before we are thrust into the world of a family of four.  It's not so much that we are mourning the loss of this time, just trying to relish what we have left of it until we are presented with a new kind of wonderful. 
I know that today is hard for Matt, he loves working with kids in the classroom, and he is incredibly good at what he does, but I see the way he lights up when Jack looks at him and squeals 'Hi Daddy!', and I know that he misses being home.  As much as Jack is my little sweetheart, he is fully Daddy's little buddy as well. 
I am so glad we have had this time together.  These months to make memories, to cement some family traditions and to start some new ones.   
I am so grateful for this man, my husband, the father of my sons. 

Have a good day sweetheart, we miss you and we can't wait to see you!


  1. Oh my, such a precious blog! This world needs more daddy's like Matt, so loving and hands-on, you are truly blessed! Your little boys will have such wonderful Daddy memories! Love to all, Oukie

  2. This was so very sweet!! I know I have told you this before...but I pray that someone just like Matt walks into my daughters life. You both are amazing!! Have a good day Bekah!!

  3. So bittersweet--so incredible to have those three months of memories, but I know it's gotta be so hard for Matt to go back to school!

  4. he is a blessing, no doubt about it! Even when he leaves whiskers all over the sink!

  5. This afternoon will surely be a sweet one, once everyone is home together again!


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