Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rhymes With Taco

On Saturday morning Matt took Jaco outside to be brushed, which we do at least once a week.  I looked out to see how my boys were all doing, and I had to snap a picture. 

If there is any one picture that truly captures the temperament of our dog, it is this one.  

The expression on his face is just so....him.  You would think we were cutting off his tail, but I am happy to report that he not only survived this ordeal, he also finagled a treat for himself at the end of it. 

Clearly he has it pretty rough.


  1. Poor Taco Jaco, he has it so hard!! Love the crocs and pirate hook, arghhhh!! Love you all, Oukie

  2. Haha he wears the crocs almost daily, and the hook...he loves it!


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