Thursday, August 18, 2011


Let's just start by saying that my laptop is officially on it's last leg. This time it is a little more major than the charger, in fact...the screen is falling off.  Literally.  in order to use it I have to push the screen back down, push the edges together, and prop it up with a book.

But ANYWAY...the reason I tell you that is because I am now using Matt's computer in order to get up to my online antics, and in doing so I have discovered a treasure trove of photos that I completely forgot were on here! Including our honeymoon in Barcelona!

There is something about looking through all these photos that makes me feel all mushy gushy inside maybe I need to go give my husband a big smooch!
And seriously?  Who let us get married when we were both 14?  We look SO young.  P.S. those are STILL my favorite boots.  They look like galoshes there...but they aren't!

And of my favorite picture of Matt of all time...that I promised I wouldn't put online. But that was a long time ago...and's just too funny not to share...
Snort.  I love that big ol' nerd.

Jut for fun...what is your favorite honeymoon memory?  


  1. Snorkeling in the bahamas....and raiding the candy store on the cruise ship LOL

  2. wow!!!!! amazing honeymoon!! barcelona is on my must see list! and I am so sorry about your laptop ugh!

  3. What great pictures! It is so fun to look back!

  4. Oh, how fun! Spain must have been magical! We had a blast in Bora Bora - hope to return for our 10th anniversary

  5. We went to cancun, and while there were mishaps all along the way, I can still think of hanging out in the pool & talking for hours with my NEW husband and smile.
    My favorite THING we did though was tour Mayan ruins. It was ridiculously hot (one of our tour group passed out!), but it was such a cool experience. And I'm still glad that I got to do it with my husband.

  6. O those are so much fun!!

    Our honeymoon was a cruise to St. Thomas, Barbados, Aruba ... and Dominica. there were so many great memories from that trip ... but my favorite would have to be when we went on an arial tram ride through the rainforest up the mountain in Dominica. It was so amazing!!

  7. Looks like a fantastic honeymoon. I love the picture of Matt with all the bags! Its hilarious!

  8. Great pics! Scuba diving in Bonaire! Finding native flamingos nesting... It was awesome.


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