Wednesday, September 21, 2011

37 Weeks

Blah.  I'm kind know...over it.  I'm not necessarily ready to have him yet either though...basically I'm irritable.  

Sorry about the bathroom mirror self portrait, Matt has been doing a great job taking picture for this time around...but I decided today that I hate the outfit I wore in the last I said...irritable. 

Jack was born at 38 weeks, so 37 weeks was actually the last belly picture I took with him...
I am definitely more torpedo shaped this time around...also I have more stretch marks.  They are worth it though,

The best part of this week of pregnancy is that Jack finally 'gets it'.  He has always had an obsession with 'big belly' (he actually says that, and pushes up my shirt), but last week he gave my belly a kiss and told Luke to 'come out'.  He also loves to feel him move in there now.  He lays his little head on my belly and his eyes get so bright when Luke moves.   
It's pretty precious!

So now...we wait.  Matt is convinced Luke will be born on September 30th, I think October 7th...any of you care to make a guess??  (Neither of us has any REAL reason to think those dates are the right one...we just do).


  1. Your almost done! Hang in there! My hubby's bd is Oct.7th. :)

  2. I'll meet in the middle...October 4th. lol

  3. You look beautiful mama!!! (ok, so I am no longer on FB, but have your e-mail AND updated my blog!!!)
    My guess is October 1st at 6AM :-) kind of random, but fun!!!!
    Praying for peace for you, and an easy delivery!
    Lots of love,
    Maggie :-)

  4. Aww love, looks like anytime would be good. But I'm sure Miss Pink would love to share her bday with Luke!! So, so, dear about Jack's brother love, I bet he can't wait! We're praying for you my sweet, xoxo, Oukie

  5. Oh my gosh:

    You look amazing.
    You have every right to be irritable.
    Jack is too much.
    I want to be pregnant again.

  6. You look wonderful!!! My bet is October 3rd....hmmmm.

  7. You are beautiful. I know you are tired! That photo of precious I sighed out loud! I am working on a little something for Luke...I will fb you for your address...I know I don't have your new one. I better hurry before Luke makes his appearance! Take it easy Bekah.....almost over!!

    I guess 10/2......

  8. I'm right with you on the torpedo shape the 2nd time around...wonder what's up with that? I can also relate to the irritability :)
    I think you look great!

  9. You totally need to do a poll - ok, I'm in and I will give the winner a small 3 oz. Gold Canyon Candle - they have to guess the date, time, hair or no hair, labor length. :) Whaddya think?

  10. Awh that is the cutest thing ever <3

  11. you are looking very cute in images... I hope you are enjoying with your baby now.


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