Thursday, September 22, 2011

Choo choo!

This almost two year old (whaaaaat?) is so in love with trains right now.  They are one of the first things he asks for in the morning (I play choo-choos?!), and one of the last things he says goodnight to in the evenings (Ni-night choo-choo). 
We scored this great little mega-blocks train set at a consignment store for $4, and I gotta is probably the best $4 we have ever spent on a toy for this tot! 
And can you even handle the engineer hat? It is on loan for a little while from his cousin Emerson.  (Keep an eye out for it around October 31st...that's all I'm saying!) Also, as a sidenote...he refused to wear pants that day.  Just his hat and his dino shirt.  We were staying what's the harm?!
It is really amazing to see how his play time has changed recently.  It has gone from just kind of exploring his toys to full out imaginative play.  He says things like 'through the tunnel!' and 'down the track' as he runs the trains through the set. 

Have I ever mentioned how fast they start growing up?  Yes?  Once or twice? Oh okay then...I'll try not to say it


  1. Too adorable, such a big boy now. It will be fun to watch him interact with Luke and hear his comments! Take care Bekah, xoxo Oukie

  2. Miss you Oukie!! When are you coming up again?! I heard a rumor it might be soon?

  3. precious photos! What is up with (almost) 2 year olds not wanting to wear pants?

  4. Oh i can't wait for Halloween with these boys!

  5. I'm checking out flights, should know more soon! Love and miss you too my Bekah!!


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