Monday, September 12, 2011


1 Fair + 3 tickets + 2 toddler boys + 1 digger = Pure delight.
We went to the York fair on Friday, and while Jack loved the animals and everything there was to see in general, there was one definite highlight to his trip. 
The diggers.  I will be honest, I was very apprehensive about letting him onto a ride without Mommy or Daddy.  In the end though, I gave in to his wonder at the sight of diggers that were just his size. 
So often I find that I want to hold him back, but what he needs to for me to allow him to grow...and in this instance that meant a little bit of independence for Jack and for cousin Emerson. 
The looks of pure joy that came over both of their faces was enough to illicit nothing but squeals and smiles from both of their mommies (and daddies, uncle, and grandparents)...proudly snapping pictures of the big boys from behind the railing. 
The both sat still in their seats and were SO intent about spinning their steering could tell they thought they were big stuff!
Every time they would come past where we were standing they would both smile huge happy smiles and say something like 'I'm driving the digger!'.

The man in charge of the ride gave them a nice long turn on the diggers, and when it was over, Jack was so heartbroken that the sweet guy gave them ANOTHER turn on diggers...for free!
 There is really nothing like seeing your little one experience the world.  Nothing like it. My Momma heart was near bursting all night at the memory...and Jack spent a good deal of the rest of the night talking about the diggers.  To the point that when we got home (WAY past bedtime) he woke up just long enough to say 'Momma, I drive the digger' before laying his sleepy little head on my shoulder as I carried him up the stairs. 

These are the moments I never want to forget. 


  1. Love the pics! I'm gonna StEal them since I am awesome and didn't brIng a camera!

  2. Ok, I'm crying...too adorable, and such a precious memory for all of you! There is nothing so dear as a toddler boy, driving a digger, (or a monster truck, Ollie) to give us a memory that will be held close forever!! Love to all, Oukie

  3. so so sweet! I bet they thought they were BIG stuff for sure....what a fun memory!! Both boys are just adorable,, Bekah!!

  4. Certainly a memory that he will always have. Those first rides, by yourself...sigh. Great memories.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. I agree that it is moments like this that you just want to freeze in your memory bank. What a sweet post. : )


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