Friday, September 23, 2011

It's the Fall-iday Season

Well, it's official.  Fall is here, summer is gone (although was gone a while ago around our house), and I gotta say...there is something so inviting and warm about a house decorated for fall.  
The oranges and reds just make everything so comfortable to me.  I don't go overboard in decorating for a few reasons.  1. My toddler tears most of it apart anything I put our needs to be either super tough, or out of reach.  and 2. I'm just not that good at it!
That pinecone?  Jack found it under the couch.  I have no idea...

Also - at some point there must have been a mouse in our basement, because I had a LOT of Indian corn down there, and this little cluster was the only one that had any kernels left when I unpacked my fall stuff.  Another casualty was the Styrofoam acorns.  Punky little mouse took a bite or two out of each one just to make sure none of them were edible. 

BUT ANYWAY - Happy Fall Y'all!

* For the record - I don't actually say y'all.  I just always laugh when someone says that!


  1. Fall...the season I miss the most! Your decor looks so pretty and welcoming. Love the mouse bit, remember well!! Happy Fall Love, xoxo Oukie

  2. I say y'all cuz of my Southern Heritage - so by association, you are allowed to say so! :) - beth


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