Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Luke's Nursery

I gave you a little look into the nursery about two months ago, so how's about we revisit that and see what has changed?  Sound good?  Okay good...here we go!
I got a LOT of great ideas from pinterest, I'm telling you...that website will suck you in and not let go.  But anyway...

Here is the picture you have already seen...which shows you the mobile, two little airplane pictures, and his salvaged toybox.
Since then, I added a few little touches here and there.    Above his crib are the canvasses that I painted for him.
Above the window is this cute little banner that my sister made...

And on the other side of the window is this little print I made for him.  Luke's middle name is MacCrae, which means 'son of grace'. 
 Some of the letters are definitely lopsided, but this is one of my very favorite things in the room.  It's pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in the door...and I like that.  

On the wall opposite the crib I hung two little stitched pieces that I whipped up one evening while we watched TV.  And can we talk about the pinwheels?  How cute are they?!  My sister had made them for the surprise shower she hosted for me...and before I left I asked if I could take them home with me! 

 The dresser will go under this, and on top of the dresser is where we will keep our changing pad and supplies.  The cool thing about Luke's dresser? Matt's uncle is making the entire thing by hand! He did the same thing for Jack, and I just think it is so cool that both of my boys will have a handmade heirloom piece like that!

Now I know what you are thinking.  Bekah!?  Where will you sit and nurse your baby at all hours of the night?   Well...my baby is going to sleep all night so I don't have to worry about that.  Haha ha ha....no?  Oh, okay... 
Then I guess this rocking chair from my Dad and step-mom will have to do the trick!  It's nice and big, and it rocks so smoothly...I'm almost looking forward to nighttime feedings again.  Almost.  The little cloud pillow is actually an old pillow from my first apartment that I made a new cover for and painted some clouds onto.  

So now...we wait for little Luke to decide it is the right time to join us on the outside! We are ready buddy! Are you?


  1. This room is ADORABLE! Love the quiet colors and all the handmade touches, truly a room full of love! Come on Luke, it's time to come out and play! Love you, Oukie

  2. Love this! Such a sweet nursery...your home is waiting for you little buddy!

  3. So very welcoming and precious!!!! Great job Mama! :-)


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