Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Parking Lot Fireworks

On Saturday, we spent the day at my mom's house.  Matt was helping hang siding on their new addition, and Jack was getting in some quality playtime with his cousin.  We were there until around 8, so we gave the boys their baths, after which they ran around in my mom's t-shirts (because we hadn't brought pajamas).

We headed home and on our way we ran into some stopped cars where the traffic police were directing us.  We noticed people crossing the street holding lawn chairs and blankets, and as we drove on we realized it was a fireworks show.

I bit my tongue for almost a whole minute, before I finally just blurted it out.  'Can we stop?! I know it's past bedtime, and I know you've been working hard all day, but can we stop?  It's the last time he can see fireworks this year!' 

If you know my husband at all I bet you can guess what happened next.  We saw the fireworks show start from the window of our car, whipped into an empty parking lot, and settled in.  
Note the big white t-shirt rolled up at the arms?  Like I jammies!
It was one of those moments that are unexpected, and all the more beautiful for it.  Jack's little eyebrows were raised in wonder (just like Daddy's), and it was such a blessing to experience this little gift of a family adventure. 


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