Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rising Water

You see that cute little orange spot over Pennsylvania?  That's where we live.  It's pretty crazy, it would be funny if it weren't for the danger aspect but people are being evacuated in boats, roads are flooded, schools are closed, businesses are closing, there is a four foot deep pond behind my house (which is about 6 inches away from flooding the road down there).

My poor mom had to leave her car due to a flash flood at her workplace and slog barefoot out to the highway to get to a bank where she could be picked up.
That is the driveway back to the building in which she works.

They are currently trying to remove water from the highway with snowplows...which seems a tad silly if you ask me.  But no one did ask me.
This is a picture of the street near my mom's house...yeah...there is a street somewhere in there. 

I feel like I need to remember to write down all the ridiculous things that happened during Luke's gestation.  Let's see...we have had a tornado (that I slept through...oops!), a huge tree feel on our house during a storm, there was an earthquake, then Hurricane Irene, and now the worst flooding in our area since 1972 (so I am told).  What's next? A blizzard? 

**UPDATE** Welp.  Our basement has partially flooded...not too badly, maybe an inch in about 1/4 of the room.  The bummer?  That's where all the baby stuff is.  Sigh...for the most part it's nothing I can't fix/wash, it's just one more thing to do before Luke comes.   Hold me.


  1. wow...those are some mightly adventures...sounds a little like our life! :) but, the flooding is serious...hoping for the best for everyone there.

    God bless~

  2. And here we are burning, and drying up! Stay safe!

  3. Stay safe, and try to stay dry! Don't try to go driving around in that kind of water either!

  4. Bright side? If you get swept away by the flood waters, you'd at least feel weightless for awhile. That's every pregnant girls dream, right? No???? ok. nevermind.

  5. Good Grief!!! Just talked to Nana, it didn't sound quite this BAD! Where's the Ark when you need it??
    So sorry love, xoxo, Oukie

  6. Haha Angie I considered swimming in the 'pond' out back just to take some pressue off of my back! Thought it might be a bit too much of a spectacle though!

  7. Oh man!! That's crazy! Sorry there's more for you to do before Luke gets here now :( This weather has been crazy lately!

  8. Oh my!!! You poor thing!! Prayers for all of you, stay safe and as dry as possible!


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