Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Surprise Shower

On Friday afternoon I got a text from my mom asking if I'd would want to go to lunch with her and my sister, Emily, on Saturday afternoon. After making sure Matt didn't mind, I agreed and was looking forward to a little time with just the girls. 

Little did I know...they are all are a bunch of liars!
Those little stinkers had a surprise shower for Luke (and me), and I really had no idea it was coming! I arrived at my sister's house to find not only my sisters, stepmom, and grandma, but also all the women from my growth group!
I couldn't believe it! It was so sweet and I know both Matt and I are incredibly grateful for all the sweet gifts (yay for diapers!! Luke appreciates them too...he just doesn't know it yet!). 
I know they put so much thought into the whole day, and I feel so blessed to have such thoughtful family and friends. 

I wish I had gotten a picture with everyone there, but I was so flustered that I didn't even think of it...not to mention I didn't bring a camera know...I thought I was just going to lunch!  I guess we really are just waiting on the little guy at this point, because we now have everything we need, thanks to the generosity of our dear loved ones!


  1. What a fun surprise!!! You look great....just beaming!

  2. Aww-this is too sweet. And, you look beautiful!

  3. What a great time!! That is a wonderful surprise!

  4. Sweet party for a sweet Mama...wish I could have been there!! Love you so, Oukie

  5. I had so much fun! Luke is gonna be one loved boy!

  6. Checking in to see if we have a new baby boy yet!..guess not but looks like a fun time while you are waiting..


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