Thursday, October 6, 2011

39 Weeks

Here's hopin' this is my last bump update! I'd really like to show off a newborn by next week.  But ANYWAY...I've reached that point where every time I call anyone I hear panic in their voice.  I feel like I have to preface each phone call with 'I'm not in labor!' before I get into the gist of the phone call.  For instance, I called Matt to leave a voicemail on his phone reminding him of something or other...and the dear guy was so convinced I was in labor that he answered his cell phone in the middle of teaching a class.  Oops.  Next time I will just text I think! we are.  39 weeks and a day.  By this point last time around, Jack was already over a week I have to feels weird to still be pregnant.  But it is also kind of sweet.   Matt and I are pretty sure that this will be our last pregnancy, so I am trying to cherish each and every little baby kick and hiccup.
That center picture cracks me up...what on earth am I doing?!

It's gotta be soon, right? 

*Oops, I meant to save this as a draft and publish it tomorrow.   Oh well..look at me..two posts in one day!  


  1. Won't be long now, Mama! You look wonderful!

  2. You look great!! I just saw my midwife yesterday, and she said that my belly has grown 7cm since last month! I'm 20 weeks now, and I think we may end up with a big kiddo!

    Take it easy and enjoy every moment!

  3. looks like you got your wish! congrats!

  4. Congratulations..wishing you a happy delivery.


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