Sunday, October 23, 2011

Planning ahead

So...I know what you are thinking. It is WAY to early to be planning anything to do with Christmas...Thanksgiving hasn't even come and gone yet.  I know, I know, but I tend to let things get away from me, so I am just getting this out early! Being a mom has definitely taught me that there is a benefit to getting things done ahead of time!

Holiday Greeting Cards.  Sigh.  The idea of it being time to send them out again gives me anxiety.  Matt and I did a personalized greeting card for our very first Christmas together...but every single year since then I have waited too long and not sent out cards at all.  As I look at my fridge covered in Christmas cheer and beautiful photos of other peoples families...I always feel a little twinge of regret.

This year, I think we will be doing this card.  I like that it reminds me to think of more than pine trees and twinkling lights this Christmas season, and I also like that it is not an explosion of red and green. 

This card is from Shutterfly, they have a great selection of Christmas Cards, as well as options for other Christmas gifts.  For instance, who wouldn't love getting a personalized photo calendar of their grandkids?  Or maybe a photo book?

And?  If you are a blogger, you can get 25 free Christmas Cards! All you need to do is go here, and fill out this form.  They will email you with the details!

Phew! Even though it is super early, it sure does feel good to know I can check this off of my hypothetical 'to-do' list this year!


  1. I love Shutterfly! I get at least one email a week with special offers. It could be free prints, 40% off photo books, or sales on certain items. They make the best gifts!

  2. Have you received your promo code yet? I haven't and I am hoping I will soon! Take Care.

  3. I got it a few days after I submitted my post! if you still havent in a few days I would email the help dept.!


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