Thursday, October 6, 2011

Toddler Vs. Auto-timer

Jack woke up from his nap lat Friday in a very cuddly mood.  He wanted to simply sit on the sofa and be with me...and I got into my head that I wanted a picture or two of my boy and I.  I set the camera up on auto timer and figured we were good to go...

...oh the naivete.
Needless to say...this was not the picture I had in mind,  so we tried again.
Hmmm...maybe third time is the charm?
Clearly not.

They certainly aren't the sweet mommy/son pictures I had in mind, but on the other hand they definitely give a more realistic picture of us!


  1. definitely more a shot of reality - which is better than a staged shot! Lovely! x

  2. I think these are better than any posed shot could ever be!

  3. heeheee! i think they're cute pics!! :)

  4. SO adorable!!! Realistic is way better than ideal anyway, or so I tell myself. Ha!

  5. So funny and so cute!! Glad I came across your blog today! :) xoxo

  6. I think they are perfect :)

  7. cute pictures! maybe not the way you planned, but you'll remember the moment :)

  8. oh that is so sweet! My kiddos are like that too...I take a million before I get a usable one! I love the first is really adorable! Visiting from ETC!! love your blog!

  9. your little dude reminds me of my little dude. :)

    that last picture is classic.


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