Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday Countdown

Jack has a terrible cold, which is always a bummer, but is made even more unfortunate by the fact that this weekend is his birthday!  We are two days away from his actual birthday, but only one day away from his party.  Last year was cowboys, this year? Pirates!!
My mom, sister, and aunt are coming over today for a baking extravaganza (also to help me clean my house because sick toddler + infant = no arms for sweeping!), and we will be attempting these pirate cookies...

Yikes! I'm not sure I am up to the challenge, but thankfully they are more than willing to help!  Hopefully we can pull off something similar...if not quite as amazing as those!

Hopefully Jack's cold tapers off overnight, but even if it doesn't we will do our best to party like a pirate (minus all the rum, this is a two year old's party after all!).

Actually...maybe some rum (for me) would help things go a little smoother...

1 comment:

  1. pirate's punch eh?? brandon will be thrilled :)

    i can't wait! it's gonna be great :)


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