Thursday, November 10, 2011

Embracing the Crazy

On a typical day I don't wear make-up.  I know, I are surprised right?  I mean...I have all the time in the world to slap on some eyeliner and lip gloss while my children tend to themselves and all, I just choose not to. 

I did, however, wash the spit up out of my hair and 'put my face on' for Jack's birthday party, and my sweet husband was so enamored of my beauty (or something like that) that he snapped a few pictures of me watching our birthday boy dig for buried treasure.  He told me afterwards that he had gotten a 'really good one' of me watching Jack, so I was looking forward to seeing it. 

For some reason I think I look completely insane in this picture. I laughed out loud at the strange expression and the slightly frightening look in my eyes. 
I wonder if I always look crazy when I look at Jack? My guess is that I probably do.

And just for the record, this is more along the lines of what I look like on a normal day home with my boys.

Jeans. t-shirt, ponytail, and a sweet little newborn strapped to my chest (it's all about the accessories you know).


  1. you look beautiful!!! Cutest accessory ever!!! Visiting from ETC

  2. You are a beautiful mama - Inside and OUt!!!! :-) NEVER CHANGE!
    THe birthday picture is FABULOUS - you do not look crazy - seriously, you look like a loving mama!
    Happy Thursday!

  3. whenever my husband takes pictures of me he says the same thing and when I look through the camera..I'm like "what in the world?" haha

    You look happy though and I love your accessories :)
    I'm your newest follower!

  4. Can I borrow that accessory?? ;) Oh, how I miss mine!
    Dang it. These ETC posts keep putting me in tears.

    I think they are both beautiful pics of you and moments in your life. I can't believe I'm crying reading this and commenting here. I'm off to pull myself together ;)

  5. You are ADORABLE!!!!! LOVE the accessory!!

  6. So cute! Your family is adorable!

  7. It most certainly IS about the accessories! Will be old one day, with more than enough time to do our I'm gonna just roll with this crazy days, too. ;)

    I think that pic of you is adorable!!! But don't we always feel like the crazy ones?

  8. I think you look good both ways. And I'm sure your husband WAS enamored :) Visiting from ETC!

  9. I didn't think crazy at all--I just thought AW, how sweet!

  10. I don't think you look crazy at all! Just gorgeous and smitten with your boys.

  11. You and me both, girl! You look great and only half crazy when you look at Jack ;)

  12. I adore your "natural" much happiness and beauty captured.


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