Friday, November 18, 2011


I've taken to calling Luke different variations of 'hammy' because seriously, the dude is enormous.  He's got rolls in all the right places, and his squishy-ness enchants me every time I dress him.
At his one month check-up, he tipped the scales at 12lbs. 4oz., which means he has been gaining about one pound a week! 

Today marks exactly 6 weeks since this (not so) little guy came into our lives.  He started smiling for Daddy about two weeks ago, and in the last two days has started smiling all the time.  My hearts bursts a little every time I get even the tiniest of smirks out of him.

What a hambone, huh?


  1. Dear Hambone,
    YOU are SO DARLING!!!! :-) Love the first smiles!

  2. I love his smile and all that hair! I'm jealous of the hair!

  3. Those rolls, those tiny little smiles.... So amazing and what a wonderful time. Enjoy your little hambone.

  4. He is a BEAUTIFUL hambone!!


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