Monday, November 7, 2011

Luke - One Month

Jack's party was a lot of fun, even if he was a little under the weather.  I have oodles of pictures to share, but first, I can't let today go by without a little post.  Luke is one month old today! 

At one month Luke -

-wears size 1 diapers.
-weighs somewhere between 11 and 12 lbs.
-does not like bathtime.  AT ALL.
-sleeps in his pack'n'play in our room.
-wakes 2-3 times a night...which I think is pretty good, I expected to be much more exhausted!
-is starting to find his voice, although he mainly grunts more than he coos.  What a dude huh?
-has smiled at Daddy twice, and at Mimi once...but not at Mommy at all.  I'm not bitter. 
-tries very hard to hold his head up...but still headbutts my shoulder a few times a day.
-has hair that is extremely curly when it's wet, but dries into a natural mohawk.

He also has attended his first party, and while there he sported his first mustache.
Yes, it kind of looks like a caterpillar, but I wasn't about to actually peel the back off and stick it to his little lip. 
Like most babies, he prefers to be held, which is cute and all but it does make doing anything else difficult.  Enter my love of babywearing.  I wore Jack when he was older because I wasn't really confident enough to get him into the sling or wrap when he was tiny...but it's much more natural this time around! 

So far he seems to prefer the Baby Bjorn, which was a hand-me-down from a friend (thanks Margo!), and a total lifesaver.  For some reason I expected this carrier to be more uncomfortable than my wrap, but it isn't!  Luke doesn't seem to like the wrap yet, but I keep it in the car just in case I need it in a pinch.
It's nice to be able to pop him in a carrier and do other important thing like, you know, playing with Jack, making lunch, etc. etc. etc.

Happy one month little one!
 Love you baby.


  1. happy one month beautiful luke! i love you!!!

    aunt emmy

  2. OMG! He's so cute it's out of control! I LOVE his hair!


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