Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Do you ever have those days, you know, the ones that leave you frustrated and a little shaky?  With your hair all frizzed out, spit-up dripping down your arm, and another potty-training accident on the sofa?  I'm having one today.  It's not a BAD day, not really, it's just one of THOSE days.  In the grand scheme of things, I still just feel blessed to get to live this specific life, with these specific baby boys.  But today, in the nitty gritty of life...I feel frustrated.  So frustrated that I decided that today I hate my sofa (what did that poor sofa have to do with any of this, I ask you?  Absolutely nothing, that's what).

So...here is what I am going to do.  I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself, turn my attitude around, and when Jack wakes up from his nap I think a Christmas carol dance party in the living room is in order.

Also I am going to post a picture of myself on a day that I showered AND did my make-up.  Look at me holding my boys and looking sorta put-together. 
Note: I did not do my hair, I rock a wet braid pretty often these days.

For the record...today I am still in my pajamas, and it is now after 12 o'clock.  I'd say I declared it pajama day, but really November has been more of a pajama month than anything else.


  1. I am still in mine too.....and I don't have two little boys around. Just one of those days. I did however brush my teeth!! :o)

    Hang in there...you are so cute!!!! It is ok to take a break every now and again...you deserve it!!

  2. I know just how you are feeling .. right down to the PJ's! Although now that I have some kids in school, I am forced to look half decent so the teachers don't think I'm a bum or something.

    Oh and yesterday we had a christmas carol dance party as well.

  3. Your wet braid looks better than days I spend 20 minutes on my hair. We all have THOSE days, especially with two little ones. Enjoy your Christmas dance party!

  4. Ah yes, those days. Been there, done that (sans the children, but in a few months, I will be joining you there!).

    By the way, you look so well put together and just beautiful. You could fool anyone into thinking you never have those days.

    Take Care and make today wonderful.

  5. WAY TO ROCK THE BRAID!!!!! It looks amazing! :-)
    hang in there mama!
    josie peed on my recliner this morning and after many (MANY) deep breaths, we got it cleaned up, and mooooved on!
    whew - not always easy, but we just have to!
    Take care sweetie!

  6. I have many of those days. you look great! That looks like the age my boys were last november. miss it!

  7. Those days, yes indeed. I know them well. Either spent keeping kids from harming themselves or one another, or something (ie: sofa) in general. ;) And yay for pajama month. I've been there for the past year I think. I got out of my pj's at around 1 p.m. today...only because someone was coming over. ;) These days seem to last forever (sometimes) but they fly by so fast. When I sense the fatigue I just have to remind myself of that...

    You rock a darn cute wet braid!

  8. Even you are frustrated, you looked lovely, and that's something that can be thankful of. Cute kids and a happy family. That's a lot of grace, eh.

    Cathy@scrubs for sale

  9. "It's not a BAD day, not really, it's just one of THOSE days."

    Love, love, love this. It's right on the mark. I'm going to add it to my list of things I say to myself when I'm being melodramatic.


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