Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me

The pirate party was a wonderful time, we had so much fun celebrating Jack's two years of life with our families.  I've said it before, but our families rock.  They came dressed as pirates and ready to party!

I love a good dress-up party, so I supplied mustaches, bandannas, hats, eye patches, and itty bitty spyglasses.  I just think it's so much more fun if we can all make fools of ourselves together!
My brothers costume probably takes the cake though! He picked it up on Halloween clearance the night before, and yes...that is a child's costume on my 22 year old brother!
Matt and I were both SO surprised when his usually very reserved Dad came to the party sporting a pirate wig and bandanna! 

For the little ones we had a buried treasure hunt, and they LOVED it.  They played in the sand pretty much the entire time.  Jack didn't even stop to eat..the only way we coaxed him away from it was to open his gifts.
Jack had so much fun, it was worth all the stress it may have caused in the days leading up to the party, also it was just really really fun to get all of our families together again.  Jack had a blast playing with all of his cousins, and really....for three two year olds, three babies, and one lone 10 year old...there were very few meltdowns!
The party was held on my Dad's birthday, so I had a special cake for each of the birthday boys. 
 The toddlers banded together to help my Dad with all of his candles. 
It was a wonderfully pirate-y way to celebrate the 2nd year of Jack's life.  And hey! did you see the cookies?  They turned out okay right?!  I mean...no...I will not be making a career out of cookie decorating, but still! The are passable as pirates!

Oh and that black icing? TOTALLY stains your teeth black. Ahem...not that I ate any straight out of the tube and regretted it later.  I would never do that...I have restraint. 


  1. how fun! we did a pirate party for Kai's 1st bday but it was a pool party so the costumes didn't last for long :) Love the pics you got and how everyone participated!

  2. it was so fun! great pics beeka!

  3. That looked like so much fun!!!

  4. Looks like he has a fantastic party! I loved the buried treasure game!!


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