Friday, December 9, 2011


On Facebook, I recently asked if all two year old boys believe that they are crash test dummies, and from the replies...yep. Yes they do.  At least the majority.

Jack does not know the meaning of the word cautious (well...literally he doesn't, but you know what I mean here, right?).  He is nothing short of terrifying when he gets going.  Just last week we were sitting together on the couch while I nursed Luke, and he was fidgeting around.

Next thing I knew he had used his legs like a spring to push himself off of the back of the couch.  Catapulted onto his own head as his legs flipped over his body, landing flat on his back.  I was FREAKING OUT.  I put Luke down and rushed to get Jack, who popped right up, laughed maniacally, and yelled "I GOT A BOO-BOO", then ran straight into the Christmas Tree.

And as scary as that was, it's really not an unusual occurrence.  I just...I just...boys are SO weird.

Two nights ago he had another scare, we woke to a loud thump and the sound of Jack screaming.  Matt and I flew out of bed, completely disoriented from sleep and totally terrified.  We ran down the hall to his room to find him laying on the floor.  He must have either tried to climb over the rail of his bed, or somehow managed to roll over it...but my money is on the climbing.

Sadly that one earned an injury...
...and to top that look off?  Yesterday he gave himself a fat lip when he ran into the windowsill.

From the looks of things you would assume he is being raised by a pack of wolves. 

I'd ask those of you with older boys if they grew out of it, but I think I already know the answer...


  1. I will spare you the details of what I went through but I can say several trips to the ER in the middle of the night.....stitches.....several times.....a couple of broken bones on different occasions. Sleepwalking and trying to cook at age three....and I am talking chair to the stove, knife out trying to cut open a koolaid package...that ended up with a ER trip!! but....he is almost 30 and survived.

    I on the other hand thought they would call CPS and think I was trying to kill my son when infact....wanted to lock him in a padded room!!!

    It is ALL BOY.....might as well relax and go with it!! Good Luck...I for one know just what you are feeling!

  2. For the record here, readers of our dear country mouse, she was a wild child herself. I know , I am her Dad. She would yell catch me and I knew that one second later she was in the air no matter where Daddy was.
    Add that genetic material and the advantage/disadvantage of being a boy and we... I love you Jack!And you too Bekah.

  3. Should learn to read thru before posting..."Add that genetic material and the advantage/disadvantage of being a boy and well..."

  4. haha Oh Daddy. that was just because I knew you would always catch me. and it was fun!

  5. Once my son is born, I'm going to look to you for some help! My husband tried "flying" off a porch at age 2....I should enjoy knowing he is safe now.

  6. Oh man, boys scare me to death! My husband has so many stories of the NAUGHTY things they did as kids. Q is defintely in that "walk into everything" stage. He walked right into the fridge the other day. You either laugh or cry with boys, so I've decided. ;)
    I can totally imagine your reaction after he flipped off the couch. EEK!

  7. BOys are so much fun and SO MUCH stress! ha ha! My son is also a little daredevil and so far, he seems to have NO FEAR. We had a nursing/couch incident here as well, where Hunter dove headfirst over the arm of the couch while I was nursing, so I couldn't react quick enough to grab him. And he landed on his head on the hardwood floor!! Ugh!

  8. Haha, oh Jack, what ARE you doing to your Mama!!?? What a dear whirling dervish you are!! Love you all, Oukie

  9. You are so darn funny! I laughed out loud when you described the catapult/Christmas tree incident. Love reading your blog. And, as the mom of a 16 month old wild man, I also view your entries as cautionary tales :)


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