Tuesday, December 13, 2011


By a sheer miracle I have a loaf of bread in the oven, my laundry is (mostly) finished, and both (BOTH!) of my children are napping right now.  I hardly even know what to do with my arms at the moment...they might start flapping around involuntarily for lack of something to do.  It's very odd indeed. 

So...let's all weigh in on the one question that has been asked over and over since I had Luke...

Does he look like Jack?

Here they are at 2 months to the day, in the same outfit, in the same pose (with the same amount of sass I might add).
Jack is on the left, Luke on the right...I gotta say...I don't really think they look all that much alike!  I mean, they look like brothers, but not like each other.  They clearly both have Matt's nose (and can you even handle the eyebrows?!), but other than that, they each have a distinctive 'look', you know?

And just for fun, because I love these pictures that Trinity took of both of my boys and I...

Sigh.  I already miss the newborn stage.

But anyway...what do YOU think, do they look alike?


  1. so precious! I miss the newborn stage too :(

  2. I agree with Emily!!! OH SO PRECIOUS!!!!
    Love the little furrowed brow in the white onesie :-)
    Hope you are having a very wonderful holiday season friend :-)

  3. wow, and I thought my boys were different! Jack and Luke definitely each have their own look- cuties both!

  4. I think you've got two very distinctly different looking little boys. Both gorgeous, but very much different. When my youngest son was born about five years after my first, the doctor handed to him to me after delivery, and I was so taken aback by how exactly he looked like my oldest son, that, in my haze of post-delivery exhaustion, I looked at the nurse with pleading eyes, the very nurse who had me almost convinced that I was going to deliver a girl because she was just sure of it, and said, "I came here today to get another baby! He looks like my oldest son's identical twin! I thought I was supposed to get a different baby!"

    Seriously. I was hopped up on some exhaustion! Now, the definitely look like brothers, but they, too, look distinctly different and have different personalities (many of the same loves, though) and it's still a wonder to see how different they look on a daily basis.

  5. I'm totally not good at this game, but I'd say Luke is def more you :) Love the pics


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