Thursday, December 8, 2011

Month Two

This happy little guy celebrated two months of life yesterday.  I truly cannot believe how fast it has gone.  In many ways, the adjustment from having one child to having two children has been much easier than I expected. 
What I did not expect was how fast time would go.  The days seem to blur together, which could be  a result of sleep deprivation, but's going quickly!
Photo from my sister's phone
We will find out his official length and weight on Friday, but we weighed him here at home last night and came up with around 14 and a half pounds.

He is doing great, smiling and cooing and doing all the things that two month olds do.  Jack is SUCH a good big brother, he loves to help me with diapers and pacifiers (we have had to talk about not trying to put the pacifier in Luke's mouth when Luke is already asleep though...)
It is starting to look like Luke may have inherited my blue eyes and curly hair, although that could always change.  It's kind of funny, for as much as Jack look like a miniature version on his Daddy, Luke seems to have more of my features.  The one thing that is all his though?  The sweetest little dimple in his cheek.  I haven't managed to get a picture of it just yet...but trust's there!

He is such a laid back little dude, which is great because this place can get pretty rowdy when his big brother gets into character (more on that later). 
Cell phone picture from yesterday
We are so blessed to have this little guy in our lives, and cliche as it may be, I can't imagine life without him. 

Thanks for bearing with me and my lack of posting as we continue to get more comfortable with daily life.  If I manage to get the dishes washed I call it a good day in the house-keeping it is easy to see how updating this space can fall to the back of my task list. 

You understand, don't you?  I knew you would.

Now, if you will excuse me...I hear a certain somebody on the monitor...


  1. i love the black and white picture! he is so beautiful!!

  2. Cuuute! It's reassuring to me to hear someone say that the transition from 1 to 2 is easier than you thought. Everyone keeps telling me how hard it is, and I'm like, "That is NOT encouraging!!" lol... not that we are expecting #2, but I guess I wouldn't mind if we were... ;)

  3. That is what the majority of people told me as well, so I was thinking it would be TERRIBLE. It is hard, but it is not as hard as I thought it would be!

  4. Your family is absolutely adorable! What a wonderful Christmas this year will be!?!

  5. Oh he is so precious! Time really DOES fly with number 2. I can't believe my baby girl is nine months now.:-( It went by in a blur, for sure!
    I agree to an extent about it being easier SOMETIMES with two. Other times, it was insane. Trying to go to the store/pediatrician/etc. with two in the beginning was haaaaaaaard and I FINALLY feel like we've gotten into the groove. LOL

  6. Oh my, is Luke even more perfect, how can that be?? He is just so precious and getting so BIG!! Are those expressive eyebrows I see? Oh, sure wish I could kiss him! xoxo, Oukie


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